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Feb , 16

4 Important Big Data Trends for 2016

  “Big Data” has come a long way since it was dubbed a mere buzzword. Not using the wealth of social, mobile, CRM, internal, and other data warehouses will be slowly but surely putting enterprises out of business in 2016.   But now that big data analytics have become mainstream, what does the future hold? [...]


Feb , 16

How you can control data security in Office 365

    With about 100 petabytes of data flowing through Office 365 at all times, Microsoft has gone beyond the traditional means of information security in 2016. In doing so, they’ve moved away from the default “everyone needs the same security” platform and placed the decisions into your hands.   Now, highly customizable security controls [...]


Feb , 16

3 Mobile App Trends for 2016

  With smart watch sales booming, cross functional operating systems flourishing, and in-app ecommerce becoming widely adopted, the world of mobile technology as we know it has changed drastically over the course of 2015.   It’s no secret that things are changing, though, as predictions about new mobile innovations are seemingly made by every company [...]


Jan , 16

An insight into Azure AD Cloud App Discovery

  Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory is rapidly becoming heavily utilized in large enterprises. Offered along with an Office 365 subscription, Azure Active Directory gives you access to thousands of SaaS applications like or Box with a single sign-on.   What is “Cloud App Discovery”?   We already know the free version of Azure AD [...]


Jan , 16

Trends 2016 – The Health & Fitness Mobile App Boom

  A friend of mine busted out her iPhone last weekend at Olive Garden and started tip-tapping away in the middle of our salad and breadsticks. When I asked her what’s up she explained how she’s religiously been using “MyFitnessPal” for over two years and swears she’s lost over 40 lbs. with its robust calorie [...]