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Mar , 17

Tips to Choose the Right On-demand Testing Service Provider

  On demand software testing service is a superior alternative to traditional QA delivery models that helps avoid delays and inefficiencies. It’s a pay-per-use service to optimize the results from QA activities and builds the ability for agile deliveries. So, what is on demand software testing? And why do you need it? The simplest definition [...]


Mar , 17

Top 10 reasons why we love Microsoft Office 365

    Image Source: Recently a prospective client asked me what was so great about Office 365. This particular client is a growing healthcare company who has their employees spread geographically. In their current state (which is also a big headache for them), their employees are using multiple versions of Microsoft Office (from Office [...]


Mar , 17

Want the best from your application performance? The most important thing is to choose the right application maintenance service provider

  If you wish to get the best from your IT applications, you need to ensure that you engage with a mature service provider that has a proven and well-defined application maintenance methodology. Unexpected downtime, application failure, increasing expenses and making business operations available round-the-clock – we know about all your application challenges.  Image Source- [...]


Feb , 17

Tips to choose the best DevOps tool for your organization

  While driving home, I heard this song from Rolling Stones   You can’t always get what you want  But if you try sometimes, well you just might find You get what you need.   And the song made me think. In 2017, we are absolutely bombarded by choices and things evolve faster than ever, [...]