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Nov , 16

“Agile development methodology is not a choice anymore, it has become the only way to continuously improve”

    In an interview with Project Manager, Chandan Kumar, he talks about how the agile development methodology has led to a better way of working and delivering software compared to the traditional methodologies. Chandan has over 11 years of experience and is a certified Scrum master from Scrum Alliance. He has managed fairly large [...]


Oct , 16

Facebook launches standalone app for Events

  Every morning I wake up, the first thing that I check on my smartphone is if Facebook has announced a new feature/ app. I know of the various hazards of being addicted to smartphones but blame it on Facebook to launch something new after every few days. It came as no surprise when Facebook [...]


Oct , 16

The surprising answer to managing your project timelines better – Don’t manage time

      Do you often miss milestones of a project?   Are you constantly assigning and reassigning tasks to your team and pushing the deadlines?   Do you get distracted with lot of emails or phone calls?   When work gets challenging, do you distract yourself with other things like surfing the net?   [...]


Nov , 15

Out now, Office Mix – a new world of new possibilities

  Microsoft has released yet another tool for public use, Office Mix. Available for download straight into your PowerPoint application; we’ll go over the best things about it and whether or not it’s even worth trying out.   The best things about it   The Office Mix add-in brings Microsoft PowerPoint finally to the 21st [...]