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Sep , 15

How can you start using Testing methodologies that work in Agile Development Lifecycle?

  As stated by the very name itself, Agile Development should be fast. With a system setup in sprints that is measured in velocity, it’s a curious thing to see so many methodologies that aren’t working quickly in agile development today.   Using methodologies that capitalize on the speed of the application should always be [...]


May , 15

Pair Testing – an experience of mutual learning

  Testers have always faced a typical challenge. They work in silos. Hence came the concept of Pair Testing. It is a software testing technique that promotes two or more testers to test one feature of the software, at the same place and same time. It is believed to encourage ideas when both the testers [...]


Jun , 09

How to Define an Outsourced QA Project Plan

Companies should define a high-level project plan and a test strategy for reaching the desired QA outcome. Download White Paper


Jun , 09

Ten Most Common Mistakes When Outsourcing Quality Assurance

Outsourcing Software Testing is suppose to be the most risk free process to outsource to a third party vendor. But in doing so the following common mistakes are made. Download White Paper


May , 09

On Demand Software Testing

On Demand Testing is ideal for systems under development and production.  On Demand Testing for applications provides on demand functional and performance testing to help make quality assurance affordable. Our testing services are based on source-when-you-need and pay-as-you-go model.  Manual, automated, functional and performance testing is performed using industry-leading tools such as Mercury, Compuware, Silk, [...]