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Dec , 15

Microsoft set to lure cloud customers with .NET Core

    Microsoft’s recently announced open source .NET core is more attractive than ever to a wide array of clients, especially cloud customers, for these three key reasons:   1.       This modular version of the .NET framework was created to maximize the shareability of code through .NET development communities. 2.       Fully portable across platforms while [...]


Jul , 13

Microsoft Rethinks Organizational Pyramid

It is no secret that Microsoft has been marked by extensive inter-organizational strife. In a comical organizational chart, while every other company appeared to be interconnected and working towards a common goal, Microsoft organizations were depicted to be at war with one another, with each organization pointing a gun at the other. Far from an [...]


Dec , 11

Microsoft Windows Server Price changes rumor

We have been hearing this rumor about Microsoft increasing the price of Windows Server beginning from January 2012.   We investigated and spoke to our contacts at Microsoft and the LARs that we work with to confirm the rumor.  We learnt that Microsoft has announce price increase but not for North America but for Lation America [...]


Nov , 11

Don’t Hate Us Because We are a Microsoft Partner

It feels like 20 years ago all over again when I used to read about Microsoft antitrust hearings in the newspaper. The recent news is that Microsoft is the most despised software company. This is according to research from Amplicate, a company that tracks what people say online. We were skeptical so we Binged the company and it seems legit. Then to be fair I used Google and got similar results. ;)


Jan , 10

Microsoft confirms SQL Server 2008 R2′s May due date

On January 19, Microsoft confirming it officially official, the latest version of its database will be out “by May 2010” and will be on the May price list. A new  posting on the Microsoft Data Platform Insider blog confirmed the May date. According to microsoft blog, there have been 150,000 downloads by testers of the [...]