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Oct , 13

What is the difference between Windows 8, WinRT, and Windows RT?

WinRT / Windows Runtime is a software layer that sits on top of the OS, for devices using processors based on the ARM architecture and instruction set and that is at the base of the new Metro design language approach. It’s primarily a set of APIs to build Metro apps for all Metro-supported platforms (including for Windows 8 for ARM). [...]


Mar , 13

Outsource Vs. Insource: An Evaluation

Marketing leaders and Technology executives are often faced with difficulties regarding the decision of outsourcing their significant business projects and operations. However, as new technologies and skills are required, it has become a usual business practice to outsource important aspects of strategy and implementation.   Outsourcing certain non-core activities allows businesses to stay focused on [...]


May , 12

ISHIR Congratulates the Feisty and Ambitious Café Spice

Anyone can build a website BUT building a website that is fully integrated into a company’s marketing and branding program requires a blend of technical know-how, creativity and knowledge of what’s new and trending.  Our team comprises of some of the best creative minds and our vast experience enables us to create website designs that [...]


Feb , 10

ISHIR :: Celebrating 10 Years of Creativity : Technology : Search

10 Years of Delivering Excellence On this day our vision turned into reality and our journey began. ISHIR India started on February 1st 2000 and has grown from a garage start up to a diversified services outsourcing company with expertise in the Casino Gaming industry as well as the Digital Marketing and Technology Business Solutions. [...]


Nov , 09

Why Use Bespoke Software Development?

Most software that you use will be ‘off the shelf’ packages and the same application will typically be run by thousands or even millions of users. The other type of software that you may use is bespoke software applications which has been custom developed for your particular organization. Bespoke software applications, written to meet specific [...]