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Sep , 16

Planning migration of your ecommerce website? Here are some tips to help you with a smooth migration

  If you have decided to migrate your ecommerce site from one to platform to another, you are obviously aware of the challenges that you are likely to face. There are a number of issues and roadblocks that you might face while planning a migration of an ecommerce website.   Some of the key reasons [...]


May , 14

Improvements to On-site User Experience

As mobile adoption accelerates exponentially, and data shows people spending more than six hours a day, browsing websites via their laptops, PC’s, tablets; websites have to adapt to the scalability that mobile devices offer. Today, over 50% of mobile users spend nearly a hundred minutes on their mobile. Let’s face it, leaving your house without [...]


Mar , 14

Sustainable Adoption-Creating Lovable Technology Solutions

  Who hasn’t felt that familiar terror when IT mentions a new “upgrade” or “deployment?”   Typical User Response – “I understand how to work my computer, I know how to use it to get my job done, why fix what isn’t broken?”   Typical CEO Response- “We JUST bought the latest version of Office/windows/CRM… [...]


Jul , 13

Backend Website Development: How to Prioritize Your Efforts

The Easy Button. We all want one.   If we could turn all of the complex things in our lives into Easy Buttons, it’d be smooth sailing. After all, the decision to do something is the hard part. So shouldn’t what comes next be easy?   Ah, but life isn’t like that. And neither is [...]


Apr , 13

Website Redesign: From Concept Sketch to Lead Generation Reality

Are you surrounded by web developers and graphic designers in your office every day? Do you need to communicate your ideas to them, but can’t code yourself out of a paper bag or stay in the lines when coloring your favorite book?   In this post, we’re going to share a method with you that [...]