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Dec , 12

Web Analytics Is Dead, Long Live Digital Intelligence

A provocative title perhaps, but we all know that the digital landscape has changed out of all recognition over the past few years. The web has shifted from the “web of things” (the content web) to the “web of people” (the social web). As a result we’ve seen the proliferation of acquisition and media channels [...]


Dec , 12

Top Marketing Trends Recommended for 2013

With the advent of latest technologies in the field of mobile phones and widespread adoption of the Internet, the complete power has shifted in the hands of the consumers. In today’s technological era, the efforts are being made by top brands to satisfy the needs of consumers by giving them a high quality online experience. [...]


Dec , 12

Ways to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Whether we like it or not mobile, precisely, smartphone is fast becoming the most preferred method of browsing the web. According to the statistics available, out of over one billion smartphone users worldwide, 84% of them use smartphones to browse the web. Out of these, 25% mobile users use mobile almost exclusively – that means [...]


Dec , 12

In Final Holiday Push, Online Retailers Look to Cyber Monday Successes

Mcommerce conversion rates actually declined on Black Friday The holiday retail season is in full swing, as shoppers gear up for the final push before Christmas. Online retailers hoping to drive conversions in the last two weeks before year-end can look to Cyber Monday for guidance on what online shoppers and buyers are doing this [...]


Dec , 12

Why You Need A Mobile Website?

With smartphones taking the majority share in mobile phone usage in America this year, it’s easy to see that the future of web is mobile. Home to more than 4 billion connected smartphones; statistics show that mobile use will overtake desktop traffic by 2014. This implies that no matter what kind of business you have, [...]