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Jul , 14

Fixing Known Bugs before Launch- A Sensible Decision?

The launching of the software is scheduled for tomorrow but suddenly you notice a couple of not-so-critical bugs. You are now in a fix as to whether you still want to continue with your launch of the software the next day?   This is the most common scenario faced by the testers. As a tester, [...]


Jul , 14

Increase App Engagement With New Ads On AdMob Network

  Google is taking broader steps in increasing traction and reach for App downloads through paid medium. Recently Google has launched a new feature “installed app category targeting” on the AdMob network. With this new feature, an app advertiser can target people who have already installed similar apps in the past from Google play or [...]


Jul , 14

SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model

  Introduction to Client Object Model   Client Object Model is the newest feature of SharePoint 2010. It is the subset of server object model which the Microsoft has defined as Microsoft.sharepoint.dll. The primary function is to manipulate and consume share point data. Client Object Model Implement on Window communication Foundation (WCF) service (…/_vti_bin/client.svc)   [...]


Jul , 14

How to Fix the Issues That Arise While Using App-V 5.0 Package Converter

In the following write-up, I would like to discuss about the issues that arise while using the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V Earlier Versions) Package Converter. After going through this, it will be a lot easier for you to test and convert legacy App-V packages to App-V 5.0.   Issue 1- You may encounter some problem [...]


Jul , 14

Installed App Category Targeting in AdMob Network

App promotion is one of the major challenges faced by mobile app developers these days, especially in Android community. For developing an app in the android market has become much more liberal when compared to the earlier times. Anybody having an idea of coding can make it work. He can upload the apps in Play [...]