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Mar , 17

What Machine Learning can do and cannot do?

  Yes, we all love to know the future trends and like to be prepared. Each day, we read about something related to Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. Both are the most current and hot buzzwords ruling all the tech trend updates.   The two terms, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, are used interchangeably but [...]


Mar , 17

What services do leading US advertising agencies outsource to stay at the top of the game?

  Are there a high number of US advertising and digital marketing agencies that consider outsourcing? Yes, there definitely are. What services do they outsource the most?   In 2016, surveys show that as high as 62% of digital and advertising agencies in the US outsourced portions of work that require technical expertise. In 2017, [...]


Mar , 17

Tips to Choose the Right On-demand Testing Service Provider

  On demand software testing service is a superior alternative to traditional QA delivery models that helps avoid delays and inefficiencies. It’s a pay-per-use service to optimize the results from QA activities and builds the ability for agile deliveries. So, what is on demand software testing? And why do you need it? The simplest definition [...]


Mar , 17

Top 10 reasons why we love Microsoft Office 365

    Image Source: Recently a prospective client asked me what was so great about Office 365. This particular client is a growing healthcare company who has their employees spread geographically. In their current state (which is also a big headache for them), their employees are using multiple versions of Microsoft Office (from Office [...]