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Jun , 17

Power BI, Microsoft’s Business Intelligence set of tools, is getting smarter

  In July 2016, Microsoft introduced Power BI, a tool that enabled the users to perform self-service data analysis (a lot of people say that it allows anyone to become a business analyst). Power BI, since then, is increasingly being used by enterprises. It allows users to work on interactive visualizations, create reports and dashboards [...]


May , 17

How My Fear Of IT Outsourcing Services Got Crumpled

  We recently interviewed one of our clients, who is the IT Practice Lead at one of the IT solutions companies based in Dallas. In his interview, the client shared how (once upon a time) the word outsourcing freaked him out. But as he worked with ISHIR, one of the best IT outsourcing service providers [...]


May , 17

Why Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will never be the same again?

  In order to be better prepared for the future, organizations have to work towards making enterprise software accessible from any device. They should be able to access the software as they move throughout their day (while traveling, on their desktop or while out in the field).   All this should happen without the need [...]


May , 17

What does the future of cyber security look like?

  As per Computer Business Review, there is astronomical numbers of new devices coming online each year as connectivity is key. With 5G on the horizon, it’s looking more like a double edged sword, sacrificing our security for speed. According to ABI Research, by 2020 there will be 40.9 billion active wireless connected devices and [...]