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Oct , 15

A comparison between PhoneGap, Xamarin, and Titanium

    In order to effectively fulfill the demands of the 2.5 billion people with mobile devices, these three cross-development platforms have arisen as the currently most used by mobile app developers.   Their purpose is simple: to allow developers to write code for an app only once and then distribute that app into the [...]


Oct , 15

Should we ready ourselves to say bye to SharePoint 2010?

  On 13th October, we saw the end of full support from Microsoft SharePoint 2010. From here, Microsoft offers only extended support until 2020 when support altogether will fully come to an end for SharePoint 2010. However, as of the 13th, all 2010 SharePoint users lost the following:     1. Free incident reporting Calls [...]


Oct , 15

Need to improve organization decision making? Go Agile

  As recently discovered by an HP study, Agile is now the overwhelming majority of development processes. As the agile development methodology began showing up in companies around 15 year ago, it has been widely adopted and regarded as the best way to create software and applications. Here’s what the study discovered:     With [...]


Oct , 15

Do you need custom software? Here’s how you can quickly check

  Off-the-shelf software works great for tons of businesses, especially for those that are just starting up. Problem is, once a business grows, fundamental changes inevitably take place in the way the business does work. Not to mention, during this growth anything could happen from an irreplaceable employee walking out the door all the way [...]


Oct , 15

What is Office 365 Planner and is it worth using?

  In our recent post about the up and coming Office 2016, we offhandedly mentioned something called Office 365 planner. Here, we’ll dive into what this new Microsoft functionality is and how it truly measures up to its alternatives.   There are quite a number of platforms in the market today that can be used [...]