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Jan , 16

Are today’s SMBs ready for cyberattacks?

  It’s almost impossible to not hear about the famous security breaches that have been occurring over the past couple of years.   Sure, we know now that IT security is something that companies have been sorely failing at. But now that the word is clearly out, how many companies in our world are actually prepared?   [...]


Dec , 15

New Microsoft Azure tools focus on enterprise mobility and security

  Targeted hacking attacks in 2015 ranked the highest it ever has. Here’s a visualization from hackmageddon But if you want a visualization what these attacks look like and information about them, here’s a snapshot from   So, it should come as no surprise that the cyber security industry is flourishing, and Microsoft is [...]


Dec , 15

Flipping your website’s “Closed” sign to “Open for Business”

  The internet is an ugly, ugly place. I know this not because I saw a shocking video, but because of this graph.   This graph belongs to a client of mine who was suffering from a Google penalization. And no, this wasn’t after a major update like Panda, just a simple detection of conflicting [...]


Dec , 15

Microsoft set to lure cloud customers with .NET Core

    Microsoft’s recently announced open source .NET core is more attractive than ever to a wide array of clients, especially cloud customers, for these three key reasons:   1.       This modular version of the .NET framework was created to maximize the shareability of code through .NET development communities. 2.       Fully portable across platforms while [...]


Nov , 15

The Digital Marketing Strategy that helps you get quality leads

  In a recent study done by Asend2, we discovered that marketers by and large say they would be okay with sacrificing the number of leads they’re generating if it meant they could find higher quality leads.     This is very telling of how digital marketing works today. With such a disparity between 54% [...]