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Sep , 15

Considering application modernization? Get the facts first

  With many companies pushing application modernization today, it can be a little difficult to see through the sales pitches and actually find the facts. Despite the wave of application modernization, a significant number of companies are still running applications made decades ago that are capable of keeping up with today’s applications, like IBM, so [...]


Sep , 15

Office365 or Open Source – the better choice

  A recent exchange between an Italian CIO, Stefano Bruscoli, Municipality of Pesaro, and Microsoft has sparked some conversation over which productivity software is more cost effective, Office365 or Open Source.   Microsoft published a report based off of this exchange that states that Microsoft Office 365 is 80% cheaper than alternative open source software [...]


Sep , 15

Features Analysis of SharePoint Server 2016

  We’ve come a long way since 2001 with Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. Despite those primitive looking little icons and its nauseatingly blocky window design, it was still an impressive platform. But what is truly impressive is that Microsoft has quickly evolved that outdated technology into a masterpiece that demands worldwide attention with their immense subscriber [...]


Sep , 15

How is the IT workforce being transformed by Cloud adoption?

  From one century to the next, the most modern technological products are nearly unrecognizable when compared side by side with their antiquated counterparts. With such a quick pace of change in the technology world, humans are forced to adapt at a similar rate. We improved productivity with digital messaging, we optimized with web analytics, [...]


Sep , 15

What are the risks to your Mobile App Security?

  What to choose and what not to choose?   With over 1.5 million mobile apps to choose from on your phone, finding the ones that you need while maintaining your device’s security does pose a realistic problem to a growing proportion of people today. This figure increases by the thousand every week while ‘hot [...]