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Jun , 15

New and Hot – The Upgraded Outlook

  When collaboration is the new must, how can stay away from it? You and your e-mails are inseparable so there have to be smarter and more innovative ways to access them. The new update to, which was announced on 21st May, 2015 introduces a whole set of new features to collaborate better, [...]


Jun , 15

Newbies from Apple

    There were some interesting announcements from Apple at the WWDC 2015 or the Worldwide Developers’ Conference. Held on 8th June 2015, Apple announced the launch of their new operating system iOS 9. Besides the launch of the new operating system, they will also introduce Apple Music. The iOS 9 is expected to be [...]


Jun , 15

Are you prepared for the end of Windows Server 2003 support in July 2015?

  From July 2015, there will be no support for the old operating system, Windows Server 2003. It is a matter of deep concern for organizations that are still using it as it may have multifold repercussions. The impact will be for both physical and virtualized Windows Server 2003 instances and it will only mean [...]


Jun , 15

The Next Gen Data Protection Features in Office 365

If you can work from any device, how can data security be assured? Organizations are consistently worried about data protection as more and more of their people are accessing documents and e-mails from their mobile devices, iPads and tablets. The Office 365 team is introducing a whole new gamut of next gen information security measures [...]


Jun , 15

Set to change your future – ‘The Internet of Things’

  Imagine a world that is entirely run on the Internet. For example, you have medicine bottles that remind you to have your pills on time or get a refill (when you’re running out of them) or when your morning alarm goes off to wake you up, your coffee machine automatically brews a steaming cup [...]