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Aug , 15

Collab365 – The Office 365, SharePoint (Online and On-Premises) and Azure Global Conference

  Source: As of last week, the world received an announcement that Microsoft will be hosting the next 24 hour Collab365 web conference on October 7th – 8th 2015.   What this is going to be about?   As this is one of Microsoft’s attempts to engage with their audience and let them know [...]


Aug , 15

Does SharePoint make an effective Knowledge Management platform?

  Source:   So, will SharePoint allow you capture, develop, share, and effectively use your organizational knowledge to better your company’s decision making? Well, for around 12 year now, many companies have been using it for just that.   How it has been used and is being used?   In order to retain knowledge that [...]


Aug , 15

Windows 10 – learning sessions for developers

  Source:   Windows has come a long way since the dark ages surrounding 2012. Back then, the Windows OS was highly differentiated on separate devices. Going from a tablet OS to a computer the uniformity was just not there, especially for developers. Finally, Windows has introduced a universal Windows Platform with Windows 10 [...]


Aug , 15

5 reasons for small businesses to consider Office 365

  Source-   Office 365 has been beefing up their services in the last few years and many people now stand to gain from these changes. According to accredited research services like IDC, Microsoft has enabled small businesses to grow at a significant rate.   Office being able to create growth in companies is apparent [...]


Aug , 15

Review of Windows 10

  After the disaster of Windows 8, Microsoft has been attentive to the feedback of the users. Free, loaded with features and apps – Windows 10 is seen as a remarkable improvement from Windows 8. Here’s what is more to it.   This time they did learn their lesson – Mistakes Corrected   The biggest [...]