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Jul , 14

The Newest Trend In Microsoft AppV: AppV5.0 SP2

As we saw in the earlier versions of AppV [5.0, 4.6, 4.5], it was quite difficult to deal with applications which required VC Runtime. Prior to sequencing, the first and foremost task was to ensure that the VC Runtime which was required by the application was installed in the sequencer machine. Also, one had to [...]


Jul , 14

APP-V 5.0 SP2 HOT FIX 4 & HOT FIX 5 Released

Both the connection groups viz. per-user and Global Publishing are no longer supported. This implies that now the applications in the connection group can only be the one which are either published as Per-User or the one which are published as Global. A lot of fuss was surrounding around APP-V engineers regarding the reduced application [...]


Jul , 14

How to Prevent a WordPress Site from Virus Attack

It is often seen that most of the WordPress sites   are hacked or damaged by   brute force attacks. Unlike the traditional hacking, brute force attack is a new phenomenon wherein hackers regularly   use random username and password to get access to your website. This hit-and-trial method works most of the times because majority of the [...]


Jul , 14

Using DI (Dependency Injection) & IoC (Inversion of Control) in MVVM

In this blog, I would like to give you an insight about the WPF and IoC to decouple views and ViewModels within MVVM I would first like to shed some light on MVVM (Model/View/ViewModel).   MVVM is a more advanced and refined version of the MVC(Model/View/Controller). MVVM is a modern UI development platform for windows-based [...]


Jul , 14

Improve Project Management, Improve Profitability: Learn How!

As the business world is expanding and becoming more competitive, it is increasingly becoming indispensable to undertake a higher number of projects at any given time for better resource optimization. We all know, “Time is money” and now the question is how we translate saved time into better and more efficient utilization for more money [...]