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Mar , 14

iOS 7.1- An Overview of the Cool New Features

  Apple released its newest update- iOS 7.1 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch this week. The release marks as a much-needed touch-up to Apple’s devices since iOS 7 was released last September. The update is chockfull with a lot of improvements, interface refinements, bug fixes, and many new exciting features.   Let’s have [...]


Mar , 14

How to Remove Your Website Pages from Google Index Faster

  Every blogger or webmaster, who possess even a little bit knowledge of SEO (or indexing specifically), must have a regular habit of checking Google index whenever he/she adds a new page to the blog or website; only to verify if Google has indexed the page yet or not. A new page is of not [...]


Mar , 14

Windows 8.1 Update- A Look at the Key Changes

  Microsoft has detailed a huge amount of changes that will be coming in the new Windows 8.1 update- the first big update to the Windows 8 since its launch. While the update is likely to release officially in the month of April, the exact official release date is yet to be provided by the [...]


Mar , 14

Why Ex-Google Employees Not Reveal the Ranking Secrets in Google

Recently, I noticed a thread at Black Hat World asking why have we tend to not seen a case wherever a former Google employee who  worked in search quality sell their information or publish the key sauce on what it might go for rank well quickly and obtain made quick. Or why haven’t these former [...]


Mar , 14

The Google iOS Hangouts Update- A Major Messenger Quality Improvement

  Nearly 10 months after its original release in May 2013, the iOS Hangouts app is finally in a good shape now. Google released an update on February 27 that not only introduces a handful of new features and a redesigned interface, but also makes the app more reliable and pleasant to use.   “The [...]