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Jun , 15

Set to change your future – ‘The Internet of Things’

  Imagine a world that is entirely run on the Internet. For example, you have medicine bottles that remind you to have your pills on time or get a refill (when you’re running out of them) or when your morning alarm goes off to wake you up, your coffee machine automatically brews a steaming cup [...]


Jun , 15

Guess who’s coming on July 29? Get ready for Windows 10

  Microsoft has announced the launch date of Windows 10 – July 29. The new version is believed to provide higher security to users’ personal information and go enable enriching speech and touch interactions. Additionally, it will be available on multiple Windows devices (Windows tablets, PCs, mobiles, surface hub and Xbox One) and offer enhanced [...]


May , 15

Pair Testing – an experience of mutual learning

  Testers have always faced a typical challenge. They work in silos. Hence came the concept of Pair Testing. It is a software testing technique that promotes two or more testers to test one feature of the software, at the same place and same time. It is believed to encourage ideas when both the testers [...]


May , 15

What are the tools that enable Continuous integration?

  One of the best practices for developers, that is being used widely, is Continuous integration or CI, in short.   Understanding CI   It is a software engineering practice wherein developers merge working copies of their code in a mainline or source control server at different intervals (sometimes several times a day). The purpose [...]


May , 15

Introduction to Sway for Office 365

After making a number of improvements and incorporating user feedback, the Office 365 team has announced that Sway will be rolled out for Office 365 subscribers in the coming days. Sway is an app that helps you to share ideas through web, mobile or your tablet in a highly interactive manner. It gives an opportunity [...]