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Nov , 15

Out now, Office Mix – a new world of new possibilities

  Microsoft has released yet another tool for public use, Office Mix. Available for download straight into your PowerPoint application; we’ll go over the best things about it and whether or not it’s even worth trying out.   The best things about it   The Office Mix add-in brings Microsoft PowerPoint finally to the 21st [...]


Oct , 15

What’s happening at JavaOne 2015?

  At the start of this week, JavaOne 2015 began its commencement by celebrating the 20th anniversary of Java’s mass usage and explaining the changes to come.   With over 10 million developers currently utilizing it, Java branded software and web development has grown to finally be rated as the number 1 most popular platform [...]


Oct , 15

Office 365 data centers now in India

    As of this this month, Microsoft has decided to honor the promise given previously by Satya Nadella to provide commercial cloud services from local data centers within India itself.   During his previous visit a little over a year ago he had noticed that the India market for Microsoft services had grown over [...]


Oct , 15

A comparison between PhoneGap, Xamarin, and Titanium

    In order to effectively fulfill the demands of the 2.5 billion people with mobile devices, these three cross-development platforms have arisen as the currently most used by mobile app developers.   Their purpose is simple: to allow developers to write code for an app only once and then distribute that app into the [...]


Oct , 15

Should we ready ourselves to say bye to SharePoint 2010?

  On 13th October, we saw the end of full support from Microsoft SharePoint 2010. From here, Microsoft offers only extended support until 2020 when support altogether will fully come to an end for SharePoint 2010. However, as of the 13th, all 2010 SharePoint users lost the following:     1. Free incident reporting Calls [...]