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Aug , 15

Expert insight into Big Data Management

    Source-   Let’s talk about Big Data. Well, what is Big Data Management?   “Big data management relates to organization, administration and governance of huge amounts structured and unstructured data.”   We’ll explore what this means a bit more in depth.   Can’t understand the future without the past   During the [...]


Aug , 15

An overview of Windows 10 enterprise security features

      Source-   So, what’s new? Well, according to Microsoft, cyber-attacks on businesses sure aren’t. They state that even recently fortune 500 companies have been experiencing password and theft that caused them to lose confidentiality on millions of credit card numbers. This is forcing Microsoft to really up their effort in the security [...]


Aug , 15

How to find a suitable mobile application development company?

    As more and more companies are finding themselves needing a mobile app, the number of development companies that specialize in creating these apps is now higher than ever. Thus, how to find the right mobile app developer has started to become a sizeable question in many business owner’s minds.   The following will [...]


Aug , 15

Why should you consider application packaging for your growing IT needs?

    source-     In order to maintain an unbiased position, application packaging has been officially stated as being of utmost importance by Dell when they made this statement:   “There are new application management methods that are being developed to help organizations to administer their existing IT investments with more efficiency, reduced end-user [...]