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Oct , 15

Managed Hosting – What you need to know

  Having a good place to stash all your data and keep your servers up and running has transformed to being vital to any company’s existence. Hosting companies are defined by their ability to offer you varying degrees of customer service, technical competency, and ability to keep your site from ever going down.   This [...]


Oct , 15

What does the new Office 2016 offer?

  With the new preview of Office 2016 coming out earlier this week, we’ve had a chance to review it and there’s one thing it does massively better than its 2013 counterpart: allow teams to collaborate in more efficient and innovative ways.   This is no surprise either as Microsoft has been gearing up to [...]


Oct , 15

Microsoft Azure Webinar on 6th October 2015 (and it’s free)

  This coming Tuesday Microsoft is planning to open up about some behind the scenes details about Azure. This free webinar is targeted at people who have anything to do with the development process using PHP.   As the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella plans to be pulling in $20 billion in cloud services revenue by [...]


Sep , 15

How can you start using Testing methodologies that work in Agile Development Lifecycle?

  As stated by the very name itself, Agile Development should be fast. With a system setup in sprints that is measured in velocity, it’s a curious thing to see so many methodologies that aren’t working quickly in agile development today.   Using methodologies that capitalize on the speed of the application should always be [...]


Sep , 15

What are the benefits of Hybrid Delivery Model?

  If you have ever had any experience working with an offshore delivery model, you probably already know the pitfalls of such a model. With a 100% offshore delivery model, there are always barriers in multiple areas that hold back maximum productivity. This capability to have such a high roof on offshore productivity is what [...]