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May , 16

Organizations and Mobile Content Management (MCM) Trends in 2016

  Undoubtedly, a hot topic for companies in 2016 is the ability to increase organizational efficiency with enterprise mobility. More specifically, mobile content management (MCM) has become the subject of debate between companies.   Some seem to value it higher than others, as was recently discovered in an industry study of polled IT professionals. This [...]


May , 16

Millions Lost –Today’s Trucking Companies Not Prepared for Lawsuits

  On any given year in the US, about 135,000 people are injured or fatally injured in a commercial trucking accident. Now imagine how many suits are filed because of these occurrences – thousands upon thousands.   In these commercial trucking lawsuits there is a recurring issue that arises. Those making the claim against the [...]


Apr , 16

5 Ways the Internet of Things is Changing Big Data

  Imagine with me for a second that “smart” isn’t just applied to phones. Instead, imagine a world full of smart devices that communicate with each other at all times. Imaging smart houses, tables, or even clothing that can track where you are and what you need.   This is where we’re heading and it [...]


Apr , 16

Focusing Your SharePoint Developments on User Experience

  Microsoft SharePoint offers seemingly unlimited useful functionality, but if you’ve spent any extended amount of time working with it you also know that SharePoint’s user experience is lacking. As users know and as Microsoft admits, the user experience simply isn’t as cohesive and seamless as it could be.   Because of this, it’s somewhat [...]


Apr , 16

New reporting portal in the Office 365 admin center

    Microsoft introduced a new “reporting portal” that’s just recently been rolled out to the public.   Among several fresh features, the reporting portal is now showing the different user’s activity within the Office 365 Admin Center itself. This Admin Center is the portal Microsoft has been pushing for their subscribers to use for [...]