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Jul , 14

Full Write Permissions to Virtual File System

Most of the Applications which were sequenced using AppV 5.0 SP2 failed due to prohibitory write permissions to Virtual File System (VFS). Later on, with the release of Hotfix 4 for AppV 5.0 SP2 it was noticed that one can have full write permissions to VFS.   Virtual File System: While sequencing an Application using [...]


Jul , 14

The Newest Trend In Microsoft AppV: AppV5.0 SP2

As we saw in the earlier versions of AppV [5.0, 4.6, 4.5], it was quite difficult to deal with applications which required VC Runtime. Prior to sequencing, the first and foremost task was to ensure that the VC Runtime which was required by the application was installed in the sequencer machine. Also, one had to [...]