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Mar , 10

Create a Web Application in a SharePoint

Mark, a Program Manager on the Windows SharePoint Services team focuses on the developer platform and on deploying Microsoft SharePoint Online solutions to some of his company’s customers. According to him clients often contact his company with the need for Corporate Portal or Customized Website. We have similar point of view from many others SharePoint [...]


Nov , 09

Microsoft BPOS: Trusting Software-plus-services

Software-plus-services brings together the best of cloud-based, hosted services and the software that resides on a variety of devices to provide flexible and effective solutions for doing business. With software-plus-services as your IT strategy, you can focus your internal IT efforts on the systems and applications that are most critical to your agency and that [...]


Aug , 09

How do SharePoint Online and Office SharePoint Server Feature Compare?

Depending on your unique business requirements, making a decision of whether you should host SharePoint on-premise or in the Clouds can be tough. We found the Microsoft SharePoint® Online Standard Service Description document, detailed and helpful.   Jump to Page 23 Appendix B for a feature comparison between Office SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online Standard and SharePoint [...]


Jul , 09

Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) – Free Trial

Microsoft Online Services provide businesses with subscription-based Microsoft-hosted online services that offer access to rich communication, collaboration, and productivity applications from anywhere. This hosted solution helps organizations reduce the costs of managing and maintaining business systems, which frees information technology resources and enables staff to focus on initiatives that can deliver competitive advantage to the [...]