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Aug , 15

Review of Windows 10

  After the disaster of Windows 8, Microsoft has been attentive to the feedback of the users. Free, loaded with features and apps – Windows 10 is seen as a remarkable improvement from Windows 8. Here’s what is more to it.   This time they did learn their lesson – Mistakes Corrected   The biggest [...]


Mar , 14

The Countdown has begun with the Windows XP Support Ending on April 8

Windows XP Support Ends on April 8   Microsoft has been pushing hard to let the many PC users who are still stuck with the aged Windows XP, to upgrade to a more modern version of the operating system before April 8, 2014. After this deadline, there will be no more technical support or security [...]


Oct , 13

What is the difference between Windows 8, WinRT, and Windows RT?

WinRT / Windows Runtime is a software layer that sits on top of the OS, for devices using processors based on the ARM architecture and instruction set and that is at the base of the new Metro design language approach. It’s primarily a set of APIs to build Metro apps for all Metro-supported platforms (including for Windows 8 for ARM). [...]


Sep , 13

Microsoft makes Windows 8.1 more DIY-friendly with full versions

Microsoft continued apologizing for its past behavior by announcing that retail copies of Windows 8.1 will be available in standalone, full versions of the software, rather than as upgrades from previous versions of Windows.   Unfortunately, pricing for the new Windows 8.1 editions will match that of Windows 8: $120 for Windows 8.1 by itself, and $200 [...]


Nov , 12

Introduction to Windows 8 World

Microsoft has recently unveiled the latest version of its operating system, Windows 8. Microsoft with Windows 8 launch has attempted to successfully shift to world in which computing is increasingly touch-driven. Seeing the growing competition and success of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market, Microsoft’s this attempt to give an app-driven experience might be [...]