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Contract-to-Hire Staffing Solutions

Contract-to-Hire staffing solutions by ISHIR enables our clients to fill a full-time position after an on the job performance evaluation. It is an intermediate staffing solution where a candidate is employed on a temporary basis with an intention to be absorbed on a permanent role after evaluating his/ her skills and capabilities for a specific period. As an employer, you get tremendous flexibility in terms of monitoring work performance of a consultant prior to making a formal offer of employment.

ISHIR Contract-to-Hire solutions provide our customers the option of hiring the candidate after an initial 3-6 months on contract. During the initial engagement, our clients have the opportunity to review the candidate's core skill level as well as 'on-the-job' interpersonal and presentation skills prior to making a hiring commitment.

Contract-to-Hire Solutions are offered on an hourly bill rate for the contract period which is valid till the date the consultant gets into a regular employment with the company. It may also be driven by minimum number of hours that the consultant must work as an ISHIR Consultant prior to conversion. Finally, ISHIR receives a conversion fee once the consultant is actually converted to regular employee status with the company.

At ISHIR, the process for candidate interviews, screening and recruitment is similar to that for a temporary employee; however the candidate will have a long-term goal, interest and involvement in the company. ISHIR is an employee centric company and makes investment in developing core as well as soft skills of a candidate to have a smooth sailing for a consultant from being a contract resource to a hired resource.

  • Regular trainings during pre-contract period
  • Focused on-demand technical trainings
  • Constant upgrading soft skills
  • Regular performance reviews
  • Orientation programs on future technology trends
  • Access to ISHIR SharePoint intranet for knowledge sharing


Contract-to-Hire staffing is gaining huge popularity due to the fact that it offers a Win-Win situation for the "Company" as well as the "Candidate".

  • Mitigate risk
  • Maintain low attrition
  • Reduce HR and operational costs
  • Increased return on investment
  • Reduced administrative responsibilities
  • Flexibility to hire staff in core business areas
  • Opportunity to train the employee to specific skills
  • Opportunity to hire only high performing talent in the organization
  • The model brings following advantages for candidate:
  • Opportunity for on-the-job training
  • Opportunity for potential permanent job
  • Opportunity to understand potential role in the company
  • Opportunity to prove their expertise and demonstrate skills
  • Opportunity to work in different environments and industries

Success Story

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"We appreciate all the ISHIR has done for us and recognize the length you go to keep clients happy. Please pass on our thanks to the team and key members of management."

Robyn Murfett
Practice Lead
System Integrator in USA

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