Front End refers to the portion of the website or any application that the user sees or interacts with. Given the criticality of rich user experiences, Front End developers become key to the success of a website or application. The Front End comprises of three main components-

• The Design of the web/application

• Overall user experience

• Front End development

We combine the design, the overall user experience and the development tactics in every stage of application development life cycle, thus ensuring greater productivity with better quality standards and rich user experience.

What we do?
  • Designing of your application aptly, meeting all requirements of the web application
  • Well-organized XHTML and CSS
  • Utilization of widget development
  • Responsive web design
  • Solicitation of best practices to enhance web development
  • Quality analysis and testing
  • Custom development
  • Image optimization
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • Object oriented Jquery-JS programming
  • Minimal HTTP requests through CSS Sprites

Platform and technologies

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