July - Dec’12

HRG would like to share some of the appreciations given to fellow members/groups:

To- Mohit Aggarwal

From- Karuna Thareja

“He has on many occasions bent over backwards to accommodate the work of his peers. He has provided extraordinary support to the team and to the organization in times of crisis and resource crunch. He is dedicated and committed to his job.”

To-Gautam Kapur & Naveen Kumar Singh

From Client-John Grant (Project Name: Medical Packaging)

“Just wanted to let you know we think the project is going well.

I know we had to work through some of the design details and it has taken a few iterations.

I have noticed that the turnaround time for design changes are very timely.

This is very promising for long term maintenance, and future enhancements to the software.

December will be a good time to have a working beta.

I think we will need good customer feedback before we pressure customers to upgrade.

So my expectation is we may need 1 or 2 more refinement rounds to guarantee we have the right solution

In addition, we will need to integrate the SystemSURE Plus/EnSURE v2 units that will likely be available January 2013.

I would expect the effort may take us into the 1Q2013 or 1H2013 depending on customer feedback.

Thanks again for your help”

To-Prabhat Kumar Rai & Jitesh Raj

From Client-Nathan Strager (Project Name: Salsa Bachata)

“Thank you so much for the conference call this morning. The website looks amazing and it has already well surpassed my expectations. I’m very appreciative of the hard work put in thus far. Thanks again if there’s anything that you need from me just let me know”.

To-Monika Singh

From Client- Raul Gonzalez (Project Name: www.biznettechnology.com)

“Hi Monika,

I like the overall improvements. Seems we are on a good path forward. We have come a long way I think. Please go ahead and implement keyword interlinking in blog on your end. Also, I think the meta data that you mention was some minor changes I made to the keywords you had for simple things like a misspelling, or minor thing.

Thank you for the good work!

To-Prasoon Gupta

From Client-Maria (Project Name: IDEA GROVE AGENCY)

“I just wanted to tell you and your team that we are very much impressed by the quality of these documents, and that they have helped us see things we should be doing at our end that we are not. We are going to implement these changes”.


From-Gautam Kapur

“This is very positive feedback Prasoon, and Mari has been impressed thus far with the level of interaction & feedback from the team. Keep up the great work.

I also want to thank everyone else in the team, specially the two pillars Chetan & Karuna, who have worked diligently to keep up the pace and build our SEM practice (please ignore my occasional complaints), which has continued to WOW our clients and helped build great credibility of our organization internally and externally.

This is great feedback team and a credit to all the hard work we’ve put in over the last so many months/years. A big pat on the back to everyone, especially our unsung heroes”.



“PEG recommends “PAT ON THE BACK” award to HRG for great performance”. Based On The Audit Conducted.

To- Eteyender Dobhal & Pankaj Kumar

From- Chetan Saxena

“Well done ED and Pankaj for winning a weak case against Envoy Tour in recovering bad debts”.

To-Pankaj Kumar

From-Sq1 Agency

“Great work team! I know we’ve had budget issues in the past and it’s great to know we have things in much better control now”.- Gregg/Michaels



“PEG recommends “PAT ON THE BACK” award to Marketing for great performance”. Based On The Audit Conducted.