Rishi Khanna gives his thoughts on the importance of Personality Assessments in Talent Acquisition in Part 2 of the two-part series

Personality assessments are useful to our talent acquisition team as they identify the innate strengths of a candidate and map these to the role they are hiring for," explained Rishi Khanna, CEO of ISHIR and EN08, and EO Dallas member. "We try to create a mix of different personality types on each particular team to gain a 360° perspective and well-rounded sensibility."

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Rishi Khanna shares his views on Personality Assessments in Part 1 of the two-part series

"I have gleaned huge benefits as an individual by experimenting with personality testing. It has made me more self-aware and taught me how to motivate others," said Rishi Khanna, CEO of ISHIR and EO Dallas member.

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Why are veterans an asset to the workforce? Read why Rishi Khanna feels they are a big strength to organization

“Given their exposure to different cultures and languages, they quickly build rapport with people and thus excel in client-facing and vendor management roles. In difficult situations, our veteran hires exhibit the most composed and creative workarounds.", said Rishi Khanna on hiring veterans in the workforce.

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In an exclusive article, Rishi talks extensively about Scarcity Marketing and why it works

Scarcity marketing takes another form when the product is perceived as an exclusive, limited edition product. OnePlus mobile phones is a prime example. In 2014, the company sold almost a million smartphones without a brick and mortar retail presence. How? They created exclusivity for their limited-edition phone by offering its purchase through a digital invitation only. Rishi also shares the 5 dos and don’ts of Scarcity Marketing.

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Read what Rishi thinks about the Best Practices for Pairing Tactile/Hard Copy and Digital Marketing

Rishi Khanna shared some ways to combine tactile/hard copy marketing pieces with digital marketing to maximize reach and said “Digital efforts can increase walk-ins at lunch-and-learns, seminars and conferences. Personalized interaction always helps to secure more meetings with prospects, and our presence enhances brand recognition.”

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ISHIR lands contract, starts work with United Nations

DALLAS — Executives at ISHIR, an information technology boutique, announced that it has landed a contract with the United Nations and has already begun work on the first phase of the contract.

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ISHIR ranked 22nd amongst Software Development Companies in Dallas

ISHIR, Inc., is 22nd amongst Software Development Companies in Dallas according to the annual Dallas Business Journal ranking.

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ISHIR identified as one of the Best PPC Companies in India

The Financial Express announced the top 30 pay per click companies in India. The independent assessment conducted by topseos.in, a leading authority on search, made the analysis after an extensive shortlisting procedure. ISHIR was chosen on the basis of its competitiveness, in-depth knowledge in the area, quality of deliverables and service excellence to clients.

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Face-Off: Google Apps vs. Office 365

Rishi Khanna is an expert in both Office 365 and Google Apps, and is now on the side of Redmond. "We weren't sure at first if Microsoft was going to create a competing product for the cloud since they were a little behind in jumping on it.

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Unfortunately, brands in India have no visible, in-your-face reason to embrace the web

Rishi Khanna is the Founder and CEO of ISHIR and is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the company. Rishi's responsibilities include setting short-term/long-term goals,

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ISHIR Selected as “Largest North Texas Software Developers”

ISHIR has been honored with a recognition by Dallas Business Journal in its selection of "Largest North Texas Software Developers."

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ISHIR Digital is an international digital marketing agency that helps brands connect with their customers – wherever they are – web, mobile and social.

We empower customers to engage with the brands they love - wherever and however they want to - on any digital medium, device or platform of their choice. We have been in the digital landscape for over 14 years and has been serving clients across the globe.

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Rishi Khanna, CEO, ISHIR, sharing his opinion on “Negative Practices in the Indian Social Media Industry”.

Some brands and their agencies still consider the number of likes/reviews as an objective measure of social online approval and user confidence in a product. With that in mind, the companies/agencies stop at nothing and even indulge in unscrupulous tactics to play the numbers game for their clients and create a flawed brand perception.

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Rishi Khanna, CEO, ISHIR, shares perspective on letting go off employees graciously.

For any organization, parting with employees is one of the most difficult tasks. ISHIR follows the process smoothly and ensures a seamless transition within the internal team by following a 'transitional checklist’.

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Rishi Khanna, CEO, ISHIR, mentors entrepreneurs at a Google-backed program

The Google-backed program, organized by Dallas Entrepreneur Center, gives an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to get recommendations and receive mentoring from established fore runners in their respective domain. It is also an excellent chance to network with successful business leaders.

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