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Open XML Development

XML is one of the fastest evolving technologies for web applications. While earlier, generating Microsoft Office documents from the server used to be a challenge, today, the 2007 Microsoft Office system offers a new feature, "the Open XML Formats" that helps you generate server-side Word documents, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 presentations, and Excel worksheets programmatically.

An Open XML document is basically an Open Packaging Conventions (OPC) package, where all document parts are kept in a container file or package by using the industry-standard ZIP format. This package holds all the content that is present within the document.

At ISHIR, we develop and deliver exceptional Open XML solutions to our global clientele. Also, we work with you closely to provide fully customized services of XML Application, and XML Optimization in a manner that produces completely unambiguous files that are spared from any drawbacks, such as lack of extensibility, and platform-dependency. Our team of open XML developers facilitates clients to graphically design and implement XSLT stylesheets for conformant Word output from XML, XBRL, and/or SQL database data.

Our Services

  • Developing XML Documents and Files: At ISHIR, our dedicated XML development team is adept in developing customized XML documents, files and applications that fit right to the needs of your business.
  • XML Application Maintenance: We offer XML application support and maintenance services that are customized according to your needs.
  • XML Optimization Services: Our XML optimization services helps in increasing your system efficiency and thus your system runs faster.

Why Choose ISHIR?

  • Dedicated XML Team: At ISHIR, we have a dedicated XML team, which creates innovative web solutions to enhance the performance of your web applications.
  • Cost-Effective Services: We provide cost-effective XML web development and XML application programming services.
  • Quality and Timely Services: Our experts at ISHIR have a deep understanding of high quality open XML solutions and always ensure timely delivery.
  • Technical Support: 24x7, highly responsive technical support.
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