Offshore Outsourcing Services India

You will find our quotes a pleasant surprise that only outsourcing India can offer, but our work and its value shall be international and of qualitative value far beyond the numbers on your cost sheets. We often argue (quietly in our minds) with client CFOs that the huge savings every outsourcing India project realizes, is pale in comparison to the strategic value of an association with a team of Management professionals as you find at ISHIR.

Think of us as a key resource for your business rather than just an outsourcing software development company. We have a coordinated network of offices in both North America and the U.K. to extend reach of our extensive base in NOIDA, near New Delhi in India. This gives us the edge of close personal interaction with valued clients, to support detailed data inputs through the Internet. We boast a Management team with professional experience in leading international companies including Deloitte and Pepsi.

Be forewarned that inviting ISHIR to quote for a project can invite some disconcerting questions-in your best interest of course! We are not just robotic engineers (though we have quite a few of those as well), to approach outsourcing software development assignments with mere mechanics. We pool our professional experience in the cold water of business to search for meaning and fit for our technology in the style and substance of your enterprise.

ISHIR is considered as a Quality Software Outsourcing center in India. ISHIR combines the worlds of Management Science and Information Technology for outsourcing services that deliver exceptional value. Outsourcing to India with ISHIR takes offshore development to a new platform with the pillar of strategic relevance adding to the bulwark of cost advantage. You need look no further for high value offshore outsourcing!

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