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An ISHIR White Paper Abstract

Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) is a set of subscription-based enterprise software services hosted by Microsoft and sold by Microsoft Partners like ISHIR. Microsoft Online Services operate within a complete ecosystem of features and capabilities designed to meet and in many cases to exceed the security and availability goals that you have for your business applications.

Online Service security must be proactively designed in to all aspects of the online experience, from the software itself to the supporting infrastructure, from the day-to-day best practices for your own information workers to the buildings housing the data centers. The security architecture for the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (Microsoft BPOS) embodies the key principles of the company´s Trustworthy Computing Initiative: security created by design, by default, and by deployment. Developed for global enterprises, Microsoft´s multi-faceted security program applies a common set of security policies to manage risk and mitigate threats to customer data. Microsoft seeks to improve security by working to standardize the way it tests, implements, and monitor policies for all of its customers. In turn, each Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) customer benefits from Microsoft´s experience with the security concerns of customers all over the world - and from the practices Microsoft applies to address them.

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