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Any business that wants to expand and grow, cannot afford to miss out on measuring visitor movement of its website. Measuring website movement is as crucial as other important aspects of operating business.

These days there are various web analytics software that will help you monitor all movement on your website and use a wealth of statistics to formulate better search engine marketing campaigns. Each visitor is tracked by the software and provides you information, including:


  • Where your web visitor came from (online or offline)
  • How many unique visitors came to your website
  • Which pages they view
  • How long they spend on the site
  • Where they leave your site

To catch your potential customers and to stay ahead of the competition, this data is quite significant for your business.

ISHIR being a Google Analytics Certified Partner helps you maximize the performance of your website and online marketing channels. Our web analytics experts have deep understanding of web analytics technology, business intelligence, conversion mechanics and conversion optimization that helps drive business results.

Why Your Business Needs Web Analytics?

Web Analytics allows its users to retrieve performance statistics on the following:


Which sections of your website are most popular, including how long visitors stay on each page.

Mobile Visits

How often people are using smart phones to visit your website or (if relevant) are using your mobile app.


If you have invested in online advertising, what impact it has had on conversion rates.

Social Media

How often visitors link to your social media pages from your website and which links are benefiting you the most.


How your site is converting to sales, subscriptions, etc.

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