Pinterest is the hot new social media buzz these days. The social media, marketing, advertising, and IT crowds are all buzzing about Pinterest’s ability to capture audiences, drive site traffic, and convert to business. The site launched via invite-only in 2010 and managed to stay mostly under the radar until a few months ago, but now the word is out. Pinterest is making the news. It is almost driving Google Plus to shame.


So what exactly is Pinterest?


It is basically a visual bookmarking site, where users create virtual ‘boards’ where they can ‘pin’ images which link back to web content. Named 2012’s hottest website by Pete Cashmore, CEO and founder of Mashable, Pinterest has grown so much that it ties Twitter and Google for third place in online referral traffic at 3.6% (poor MySpace is still clenching for dear life at 0.01%). That’s no surprise when you consider that visitors increased 4,000% from June-December of last year, with 7 million in December alone. These numbers are why companies are drooling.


Here are the facts on Pinterest:


  • people love Pinterest
  • Pinterest is mostly visual aside from captions and comments
  • Pinterest community is growing fast
  • Pinterest gets people to your website


So the big question remains, what are you waiting for? Shouldn’t your company be on Pinterest already?


ISHIR will be first to admit that every social media network is not right for every company. You have to find what works best for your product or service or your brand.


Learn more about leveraging Pinterest for your business by contacting our Digital Marketing expert team at ISHIR Digital.

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