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New Google Bar, Logo Begins Rolling Out

Google is doing some housekeeping with their Google bar, the bar that appears above the search results and across many of their properties and apps....Read More

Google Hummingbird Update, Explained

Google marked its fifteenth anniversary on Thursday with a revision its search engine algorithm called “Hummingbird.”   The company introduced Hummingbird at Google senior VP...Read More

Sick to Death of Content Marketing

Why is it that the SEO industry is constantly looking for something, anything to save it from itself? Why is the sky always falling?  ...Read More

PinLeague Top Re-pinners, TweetDeck, Google+ Android Social Media Updates

In social media industry, it is always mandatory working on two important aspects: creating a better customer experience and meeting customer’s demands. Many new updates...Read More

How Marketers to Induce Moving with Mobile – Advice by Google

A recent data shows that around 55% organizations currently have mobile internet presences that accommodate smart phone and tablet users. What can be confused for...Read More

Android Captures Record Share of Smartphone Shipments

Android dominated the smartphone operating system market during the second quarter. According to the research firm Strategy Analytics, Android held 80% of the worldwide smartphone...Read More

Samsung vs. Apple Ruling Postponed Until After Apple Ban

The U.S. international Trade Commission (ITC) announced that it would delay the decision on whether tablets or mobile phones created by Samsung infringe on Apple...Read More

US Government Introduces Mobile Application Code of Conduct

Mobile applications furtively collect information from consumers, but a new program initiated by the government may mandate greater app transparency. The National Telecommunications and Information...Read More

Apple Ban Overturned by Obama Administration

In what was a huge victory for Apple, President Obama’s administration vetoed the International Trade Commission’s ban on older generation Apple products that was supposed...Read More

Google Introduces New Display Planner

Google AdWords has yet another update with the new Google Display Planner, a tool combining the Contextual Targeting Tool, Placement Tool and Google Ad Planner...Read More

12 Ways to Optimize Press Releases & Avoid Google Penalties

Google’s most recent update to their defintions of link schemes sent shockwaves through the SEO and online PR world; a real downer to link building...Read More

“Facebook Home”- A New Home Interface for Android Unveiled

Mobile phones have long been on Facebook’s target list. With many users accessing Facebook through their phones and many others never accessing Facebook through their...Read More

Optimizing Your Site? Consider These SEO Essentials

The internet is becoming more and more popular than ever before as a source for information, products and services. Thus, ensuring your website is always...Read More

5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

The creation and distribution of content online is one of the best methods to attract more customers to your business. With this, content marketing is...Read More

How Brands Are Preparing for 2013: 10 Future-Proof SEO Steps

2012 saw plenty of changes in the SEO industry. The search algorithms have changed, the SERP results have changed, and how SEO professionals operate is...Read More

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Hands-On

Google has already started to roll out the newly announced AdWords enhanced campaigns to select accounts (learn more about enhanced campaigns here and here). Advertisers can expect to see a...Read More

What services do leading US advertising agencies outsource to stay at the top of the game?

Are there a high number of US advertising and digital marketing agencies that consider outsourcing? Yes, there definitely are. What services do they outsource the...Read More

Optimize Website Landing Pages for Better Conversions

The quality of your website landing page is one of the most important factors that show whether you are able to convert your visitors into...Read More

Steps to Measure Social Media Success

Social media marketing has been the buzzword for businesses these days.  It is one of the most valuable resources, which is easily accessible to anyone...Read More

Google Analytics Adds 2 New Reports: Data Hub Activity & Trackbacks

Google Analytics has been improving the way you measure social media steadily over the past year. From the original social Media reports to multi-channel funnels, Google Analytics has...Read More