Gunjan Agarwal
(Internet Marketing)
The happiest moment was when I got my mom back, after recovery from a serious kidney infection in 1992.
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A group of frogs were traveling through the woods, and two of them fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead.
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You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.
Robert Anthony
We at ISHIR take pride in our most important asset, our people.

ISHIR believes in resourcing the best of talent, retaining and rewarding them. We believe that ISHIRites are the prime movers behind ISHIR and their contributions need to be recognized and made known.


Stars of the Unit:
To appreciate the performers in different business & functional units, the awards for the Star performers were given out in some of the teams. Winners for the last six months are as follows:

Yash Bhat (Internet Marketing)
Continuous improvement in understanding the raised expectations in delivery.
Barkha Sharma (Gaming)

For Passion for work, Never says no to any task, beyond her role and responsibilities she has developed an eye for visualizing artwork, technical skill, in digital painting and creation of artwork, Immense contribution to all deliveries, Always a step ahead for all required support to any team member, Brilliant piece of artwork created for ATA projects, Leading and contributing to ATA translation projects.

Functional Units
Arvind Singh (PEG)

Worked significantly in streamlining processes in AD and WD.

Vinod Patel (General Admin)

He knows how to keep everyone happy and at the same time performing his task professionally. Approachable 24X7.

Quality Champion:
To appreciate ISHIRites who have made a significant contribution in creating and implementing the quality processes within the Organization.
Rahul Mahajan
Helping the team in implementation of new processes defined High Process adherence and learning new things and implementing them for better project management
Shikha Kumar

Adherence to process even when it was not being followed strictly in other units. Process improvements related to PMS that has helped making it quantitative