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Message From CEO's Desk

Welcome to new and improved HRG Connect Newsletter at ISHIR.

2011 has been a very successful year for the company, and we're proud to tell you all about it in this newsletter. We are very excited about what 2012 has in store for all of us. This will be a year of growth and new opportunities for everyone at ISHIR. We appreciate your continued commitment to the company and our growth. We are confident we can make this mutually rewarding.

Our reputation is our most treasured asset and the foundation on which we have built our company. Everyone at ISHIR knows that the only way to protect and improve our reputation is to exceed the client's expectations, meet our commitments, innovate in our business and deliver excellence (as our mantra says “Excellence. Delivered.”)

By understanding, and embracing our clients' business problems, vision, project objectives and goals, we will be able to build stronger and lasting relationships that will yield long term results. The client will start to look at us as their trusted advisor (someone they can count on). Trusted advisor status and the business results can help us grow our business through repeat business opportunities.

One of our major achievements in the past year has been our ability to settle in our new office environment, updated web presence (new websites), stabilize and strengthen our existing client relationships, define and institutionalize operational processes and start conversations with new prospective clients. We have seen the most growth in the Search Marketing business mostly in the last four months and we expect to see greater opportunities in this space in the New Year. We have been able to streamline our Technology services sales process and have started to yield results from the fine tuning.

We recognize the importance of the project initiatives entrusted on us by our clients and we need to ensure we take special care to meet and exceed their business objectives. In order to achieve this we are always investing in our existing people, improving our culture and work environment through activities and initiatives. Retain our most important asset, our people. Also, at the same time attract the best talent in the marketplace as the new opportunities pour in the company.

ISHIR is committed to delivering excellence and aspiring to be a World Class service provider. We hope you enjoy reading this updated and improved HRG Connect newsletter and we look forward to your feedback so we can continuously improve this along the way.

Best wishes to you and your families for a glorious 2012 from all of us at ISHIR management and corporate teams.

Warm Regards,

Rishi Khanna

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Rahul Vishela
(Internet Marketing)

Are you married? If yes, what is your spouse’s name?
Yes, Rashmi.

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Internet browsing, reading news, listening music.

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