Innovation Accelerator

You deserve a clear product map through true customer insights and not voodoo pains.

We help bold businesses solve their most challenging problems by building digital products that matter.

Take your product idea from thought to execution

Accelerate the journey from Idea to Value

From a napkin sketch to a digital product that users LOVE

We achieve this by leveraging our unique process called

Innovation Accelerator

This process helps you create a Product-Led startup leveraging your customer and data insights to gain clarity and achieving product market fit early, help you avoid expensive mistakes and gain confidence, align your stakeholders, assemble a rockstar product team and leverage our development process, achieve speed to market and then build a software that your users are willing to pay for and love.

It is already hard to raise capital (or get budget approved), attract top talent and build a digital product, especially in niche industries waiting to be disrupted.

Launching a digital product in a modern world means understanding customer pain, gaining customer insights, building a customer centric solution, validating the solution, identifying appropriate tech stack, confirming customer journey map, assembling a rockstar team, come up with a realistic budget and timelines before building a product.

Then implement agile methodology, to achieve proper sprint rhythms, work under pressure and tight deadlines, manage stakeholders, and achieve stakeholder alignment. This all can be stressful.
And with everything changing all the time, teams have to be ready to adapt to changing needs of the customer, new emerging technology and user behavior.

Let’s not talk about

  • Go-to-market (GTM) and long sales cycles
  • Product demos
  • Customer buying cycle
  • CAC
  • Customer onboarding
  • NPS and customer retention

This is a never-ending startup treadmill.

You want to build the product right, the first time.
Yes, you heard us correctly, right the first time

We did not talk about expensive pivots that require additional capital investment, stakeholder begging and board embarrassment.

We have a solution to overcome your digital product development pain.

Improve your odds of building a winning digital product that also resolves customer pain.

You can’t create groundbreaking products using old-fashioned methods from twenty years ago. You need modern methods to tackle today’s product development challenges

Presenting Innovation Accelerator

Innovation Accelerator will help with:

  • Capturing Customer insights first
  • Finding product-market-fit (PMF) early
  • Achieve better product market positioning
  • Identify your ideal client persona
  • Improved customer journey map
  • Building the solution with the correct tech stack (and not the biased one proposed by single tech stack CTO)
  • Best customer retention score
  • Stakeholder alignment at all times
  • Clear product roadmap
  • Capture Product-led growth opportunities
  • Product clarity will lead to confidence
  • Confidence will help in fund raising and better budgeting

How We Engage

Innovation Accelerator Workshops

A facilitated session to uncover real customer needs and value that will help build a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP).

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