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Reasons why you need consultancy services

To gain external, objective advice and recommendations

To gain access to the consultants' specialized expertise

Temporary help during a one-time project where the hiring of a permanent employee(s) is not required or necessary

To outsource all or part of the IT services from a specific company

Unleash Your Competitiveness With Our IT Consultancy Services

We understand that no two clients are similar. Our services are catered to most daunting business challenges by agile and platform driven methods. ISHIR services are focussed to support and nurture the clients from the very beginning till the delivery of the project, not only in scope but with time, cost and complete customer satisfaction. Our varied range of services include the following domains and verticals:

Technology Strategy and Planning

Often organization's growth is obstructed by ill-fitted technology solutions and applications that have outlived their usability. ISHIR comes as an indispensable resource to these organizations to help them recover the technology gap with the right kind of skill and expertise. We believe in the annotation that no size fits all hence there are no pre-prepared answers to your challenges. We as a technology consultant service provider will analyze your current business situation and provide you with the best solution.

We will assist you with challenges like:
  • How can we align our technology with organizations' strategic vision and mission?
  • How to define Future planning to limit project delays, service outages, and failure to react fast to changing business needs?
  • How to use technology innovation to gain a competitive advantage and acquire greater market share?
  • How to ensure if the organizations have existing monitoring structures to ensure that rollout of the technology strategy is in place?

“How can we leverage data and technology to make my business fit for the future?”

“How can we deliver this complex, challenging, and high-stakes programme?

IT Managed Services

Are you also facing issues like:
  • High infrastructure costs
  • Inefficient IT departments
  • Frequent downtimes and application failures
  • Infrastructure problems and instability
  • Security and compliance issues

ISHIR helps you proactively manage and improve your IT infrastructure and takes on the 360-degree responsibility of the entire IT operations of the organization, including 24X7 monitoring, IT support on-demand. We perform an initial assessment of your existing IT infrastructure and your existing processes. Our team then tries to understand your pain areas, and identify areas where we can make an immediate impact.ISHIR has a dynamic portfolio of managed services capabilities which maintains control in the hands of our clients while remain flexible.

Cloud & Migration Services

Setting up a cloud strategy for your business can ensure that you are using your resources properly and continue to help the organization’s bottom line by reducing capital spending and ongoing costs. However you might get baffled with numerous questions like:

  • What Type of Cloud Migration Strategy Is Best for Your Organization?
  • What Resources Will You Need?
  • Should You Choose Single Cloud or Multi-Cloud?
  • How Can You Minimize Downtime During Cloud Migration?
  • How Much Will Cloud Migration Cost?

What Are the Security and Privacy Factors to Consider Before, During and After Migration? Etc ISHIR has the required experience in helping several large and medium enterprises, across the globe, to plan or initiate IT department efficiency, consolidation, and/or strategies in their Cloud Migration journey. Our clients can derive new insights and provide better customer experiences with improved business agility in the Cloud.

“How can we realise true benefits from my M&A activity?"

“How can we align the budget with organizational goals and strategies?”

IT Budgeting

AIT Budgeting runs parallel with strategic IT planning. Building technology without proper budgeting plans can turn to be a futile effort. ISHIR consultants work with you to build a realistic IT budget that incorporates all the assets, resources, and costs of the new technology that will deliver the maximum value to the organization.

With ISHIR's Budgeting services, organizations can avail efficient, robust planning to strengthen the overall performance. Helping to set high-level plan targets, develop detailed driver-based operational and financial plans, and collect and manage the budget and forecast information required to achieve your planned objectives.

Security Risk Assessments

Risk assessment services allow organizations to completely survey the application portfolio. This view is analyzed from an attacker's perspective. This process allows decision-makers to make informed resource allocation, tooling, and security control implementations.

An inclusive security assessment allows organizations to:
  • Identify assets like networks, servers, applications, data centers, tools, etc. within the organization and create risk profiles.
  • Analyze what data is stored, transmitted, and created by these assets
  • Evaluate asset criticality regarding business operations. This includes the overall impact on revenue, reputation, etc.
  • Calculate the risk ranking for assets and prioritize them for assessment.
  • Based on assessment results apply mitigation controls.

“How can I be sure my project or programme is set up for success?"

“How can we realise the benefits of change?"

IT Modernization

  • ISHIR can help you assess where your systems fall short and make a modernization plan right from asset management to system administration, we'll provide the support and expertise you need to operate at the highest level. Modernization is the process of growing away from aged software and hardware solution and includes consolidated systems and workflows that favor more automated and innovative solutions. While going through the process you might get encountered with questions like:
  • How to integrate the existing applications with new applications?
  • How to extract value from the existing applications portfolio?
  • How to balance investment in modern technologies while maximizing existing application portfolio investment?
  • Based on assessment results apply mitigation controls.

ISHIR's approach has immensely evolved with our vast experience in migrating applications, databases, and operating systems platforms in a wide variety of technical environments.

IT consulting services across industry verticals

Case Studies

The foundation of any successful software project lies on 3 pillars i.e. trust shown by the clients, great collaboration, and a capable team, We are showcasing a bunch of such cases here out of many.

Project Cost Estimation Services: A decision enabler

ISHIR Experts help you with the process of planning and controlling the project cost and budget proficiently. It defines what costs are required for each deliverable of the project including various functions like estimation, job controls, field data collection, scheduling, accounting, design etc. The various steps involved in our process are:

Project Resource Planning

Process of identifying resources required to execute a project, done prior any actual work begins.

  • Work Breakdown structures are created to determine the tasks at each sub-level, how many people are required with what skillset or any other material/resources required to finish the task.
  • This helps to come up with accurate and complete inventory of all resources, which is then fed as an input to estimate the cost

Cost Estimation

Quantifying the cost associated with all the resources required to execute the project.

  • Costing methodologies, such as activity-based costing, job costing, and lifecycle costing that help perform this comparative analysis are performed.
  • Factors such as fixed and variable costs, overheads, inflation and the time value of money are duly considered in the calculation.
  • The estimation process also allows teams to evaluate and reduce costs

Cost Budgeting

Cost Allocation to a certain chunk of the project, such as individual tasks or modules, for a specific time period.

  • Cost baseline to measure and evaluate cost performance.
  • An opportunity to assess how much budget needs to be released for future phases of the project.

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Why choose ISHIR for your IT project Consultancy services?

Seasoned Digital Transformation & Best Technology Professionals

Extensive Experience in Remote IT Services

Build Trust and value long-term Relationships

High-Quality of Service and Track record of successful Outcomes

Strong Project Management

Continuous Innovation

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IT Consulting Service FAQs

What Is IT Project Management Consultancy?

When businesses involve professionals or experts to plan and strategize IT projects to complete them faster & in line with business requirements, is generally called IT project management consultancy.

Why is IT Consulting Services Necessary for Business?

When starting a new business or creating a new product, it is vital to think through all the aspects involved in the process. In 2023, you need people who are professionals, have the required expertise & can provide you with the business strategy. For this reason, ISHIR offers IT consulting services that help businesses to automate processes and operations with the use of emerging technologies to get the most benefit from it.

What Software Consulting Services Do We Offer?

Our IT Consultancy Services include IT Managed Services, Technology Strategy and Planning, Cloud & Migration, IT Budgeting, Security Risk Assessments, & IT Modernization, which is focussed to support and nurture the clients from the very beginning till the delivery of the project, not only in scope but within time, cost and complete customer satisfaction.

Why do Businesses Choose ISHR for IT Consulting services?

Following our some of the USPswhich sets us apart from our competitors:

  • Seasoned Digital Transformation & Best Technology Professionals
  • Extensive Experience in Remote IT Services
  • High-Quality Service and Track record of successful Outcomes
  • Strong Project Management
  • Our culture is what sets us apart