How we built an industry leading dental insurance management application

Smile Warranty is a robust dental insurance web application available in the U.S. The solution helps dentists warranty procedures provided to patients and covers all permanent, restorative, cosmetic, and removable dental treatments.

The Background

Maintaining oral health by undergoing dental procedures and implants is quite expensive these days. Infact, when a patient undergoes cosmetic or dental procedures, there is a real possibility that life events or injuries can lead to costly rework.

Most of the dental procedures like Cosmetic, restorative, fixed or removable treatments are not covered by a patient's insurance policy. In most situations, paying enormous dental bills for any rework becomes a costly affair for the patients.

Our client wanted to target patients of practice and dental staff that are faced with such a dilemma. The idea behind the application was to provide patients dental warranty for the investment they made in preserving their oral health.

Dental practises that use Smile Warranty application can guarantee their patients that their investment is secure. This also allows dental practises to benefit from incremental revenue, patients save money, while risk is minimised for both the parties.

The client wanted to leverage our expertise to get a robust, secure feature-rich web application up and running in less than 3 months.

End to End Dental Practice Management Application

Smile Warranty was built with the aim to provide total protection and peace of mind by guaranteeing smiles for the what ifs in life. Smile Warranty is a proactive gesture in helping patients maintain oral health for years to come. The program can be seamlessly integrated into the daily routine of any large and small dental practice while the treatment is individualized for each patient and their oral health needs.

Our Strategy

The initial goal was to build an MVP that will enable dental practices to register for warranty, file claims for warranty, and provide patients a world-class warranty policy.


Our designers and developers worked closely with the client to define every feature, screen and user flow.


We provided product builds every two weeks as we added features that will enable end users efficiently manage dental practices


Tested features, worked on the feedback and improved on the product.

How We Work

Design Phase

We envisioned a model look for the application. The vision for creating the wireframes was a lightweight design that would make it simple for users to perform important actions. We worked with Angular material design to build a responsive, easy-to-navigate web application.

The logo for the product is a shield to the smile that perfectly captures the idea and vision behind the product.

To visualize and better understand our target users’ attitudes, we created empathy maps which helped us fill any gaps in our knowledge. We created customer journey maps to illustrate the steps that the users will undertake while interacting with the application. This was done to highlight users’ pain points and focus on minimum clicks for an effortless user journey.

We designed the member login with a raft of modules like Procedures covered, Patients covered, and Warranty covered. The app is easy to use and allows dentists to efficiently manage their practice.

Smile Warranty is a one stop solution for dental practice management. Dentists can access KPIs and metrics in the dashboard, check patient lists and claims submitted and perform an array of functions from one place with so much ease.

Development Phase

We created a complete separate dashboard for the admin. This allows the admin to see activities of all the registered practices and enter into any practice. We helped the client come up with a proxy login feature that will allow the admin to gauge any problems and resolve the issue.

One of the key challenges that we faced was integrating Dwolla payment gateway that is not so commonly used. We got the solution up and running in less than 3 months even when the pandemic was in full swing.

The Tech Stack that powered the App


Angular 9




SQL Server 2016 Hosted on Azure


Azure CI/CD pipelines

The value we delivered

The solution has reached significant market traction and is used to ensure hundreds of thousands of patient procedures.

Since then, the client has been able to focus on platform expansion efforts that substantially enhance the capabilities available to practices. Our team at ISHIR was able to meet all material business needs and further assist the client in the pivot towards platform enhancements.

Practice Adoption
100+ dental and practice staff onboarded Smile Warranty in the very first month for end to end practice management.

Practice Loyalty
After trying Smile Warranty, 98% of practices continued as long-term clients

Client Testimonial

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