We empower AI companies with high quality training data to
solve data set challenges.

We help AI and machine learning models get better with human intelligence. Leveraging our skilled on-demandworkforce, we partner with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Technology clients to develop, build and enhance various cutting-edge business applications using high-quality data sets.

Data Collection

  • Data Entry
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Reconciliation

Data Preparation

  • Text Annotation
  • Image Annotation
  • Video Annotation
  • Content Tagging
  • Classification
  • Transcription

Algorithm Training

  • Search Relevance
  • Visual Search
  • Content Moderation
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Chatbot Training

Text Annotation Services India

What We do?

Adding metadata to a dataset with multilingual text annotation service for high-quality visualization to robots and automated machines.

Text Annotation for Machine Learning

• We annotate the texts with metadata labeling for machine learning and AI algorithms based on natural language processing helping machines to understand the human language easily.

• A best kind of metadata is added with your text by experienced annotators side by side your annotations without linking any other file ensuing the accuracy for ML development.

• Our dedicated professionals who can carryout the task ensuring the quality level at each stage supplying the best quality text annotation worksheet for machine learning and AI-backed model developments.We backed text annotation suitable for high-quality visualization.

We have wide range of experience across following services

  • Sentiment Annotation
  • Intent Annotation
  • Query Annotation
  • Co-Reference Annotation
  • Semantic Annotation
  • Named Entity Annotation

Image Annotation Services India

What We do?

Pixelwise annotation service for all types and formats of images making easier for computer vision to detect the varied objects just like humans.

Type of Image Annotation Services

  • 2D Bounding Boxes
  • Cuboid
  • Point & Landmark
  • Line & Spline
  • Text Annotation
  • Polygons
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Video Annotation

Video Annotation Services India

What We do?

Capture each object in the video with frame-by-frame annotated lines making the moving objects recognizable for computer or machines..

Type of Video Annotation Services

  • Video Annotation for Computer Vision
  • Object Tracking
  • Human Activity Tracking
  • Semantic Video Annotation System

Content Moderation Services India

What We do?

Get the data-driven content moderation service to ensure the reputation of your company while improving the brand image, product and services in the marketplace.

Type of Content Moderation Services

  • Image Moderation Service
  • Video Moderation Service
  • Social Media Content Moderation
  • UGC Content Moderation


Landmark Annotation

Sequence of points to determine shape variations

Use cases

  • Facial Gesture Recognition
  • Sports Analytics of Human Poses

Polygon Annotation

Detect the exact shape of object by drawing pixel perfect polygons

Use cases

  • Detection of irregular shapes
  • Coarse Semantic Segmentation
  • Object localization from satellite and drone images

Polyline Annotation

Accurately define lane lines in drivable areas for vehicle perception models.

Use cases

  • Lane detection for autonomous vehicles



  • Image Annotation Types for Automotive
  • Dimension Detection with 3D Cuboid
  • Bounding Box for Object Detection
  • 3D Point Cloud for LiDARs Sensing
  • Detect the Irregulars Shapes with Polygon
  • Classify Objects Semantic Segmentation
  • Polyline Annotation for Lane Detection

Autonomous Flying

  • Bounding Box for Object Detection
  • Aerial View Humans Tracking
  • 2D Aerial View Imagery Mapping
  • Geo Sensing with Segmentation
  • Semantic for Live Stock Management
  • Video Annotation for Moving Objects

Retail and Online Shopping

  • Improved Inventory Management
  • Customers Shopping Experience
  • Annotation for Shopping Counts
  • Human Counts and Time Spend
  • Interested Objects Interactions
  • Shopping Footfall Interactions

Smart Cities Development

  • Smart City Security & Surveillance
  • Smart Public Detection & Movement
  • Smart Vehicle Parking Management
  • Round the clock Traffic Management
  • Smart Waste & Disposal Management
  • Drone Based Aerial View Monitoring


  • Annotation for Vehicle Dent Detection
  • Annotation for Damage Level Detection
  • Annotation for Damaged Car Body Parts
  • Bounding Box for Car Damage Detection
  • Semantic Segmentation for Car Damage
  • Video Annotation for Damage Detection


  • Robotics in Box Picking at Warehouse
  • Annotation for Robotics in Agriculture
  • Robotics in Automated Car Manufacturing
  • 3D Cuboid Annotations for Robotics
  • Annotation for Storage Units by Robotics
  • Annotation for Robotics in Warehouse

Sports and Gaming

  • Image Annotation Types for AI in Sports & Gaming Industry
  • Landmarking for Human Poses
  • Annotation for Sports Analytics
  • Bounding Box for Soccer Analytics
  • Segmentation in Video Games
  • Annotate Human Actions in Sports
  • Semantic Segmentation in Sports

Agriculture and Farming

  • Live Stock Management
  • Semantic for Geo Sensing
  • 3D Crop Health Monitoring
  • Crop Protection with Robots
  • Unwanted Crops Detection
  • Check Plants Fructification

Media Industry

  • Improved Inventory Management
  • Customers Shopping Experience
  • Annotation for Shopping Counts
  • Human Counts and Time Spend
  • Interested Objects Interactions
  • Shopping Footfall Interactions

Medical Diagnosis

  • Bounding Box for X Rays Analysis
  • Image Annotation for Point of Interest
  • Semantic Segmentation for X Rays
  • Polygon for Image Analysis in Dentistry
  • Image Annotation for Kidney Diagnosis
  • Annotation for Cancer Cells Detection


  • Image Annotation Types for Machine
  • Learning and AI in Clothing Fashion Retail
  • Bounding Box for Fashionable Clothing
  • Semantic Segmentation for Set of Clothes
  • Items Tagging for Fashionable Shopping
  • Annotation for Visual Search In Fashion
  • Semantic Segmentation for Wearables
  • Annotations for Wearatble Accessories

Security Camera Surveillance

  • Bounding Boxes for Crowd Detection
  • Night Vision Thermal Image Annotation
  • 3D Cuboid Annotation for Traffic Motion
  • Landmark Annotation for Face Detection
  • Person Annotation for Theft Detection
  • Point of Interest for Human Monitoring


Dedicated Team / FTE Based

Project Based

Pay Per Item (Line, Image) Model

Hourly Rate


Dedicated Team & Experience

  • With a team led by a team lead, project management and SME , to ensure quality, accuracy, and scale
  • In house team that is highly trained and experienced in annotation and data enrichment services.

Process & Assured Quality

  • Get the best in class quality services with highest accuracy level delivering an excellence in data annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing of labeled data.
  • Our team uses of the latest tools and methodologies to streamline business process for best results.

Security & IP Protectione

  • High Standards of enterprise grade security and confidentiality with access cards, video surveillance, no mobile phones or notebooks allowed, means that privacy of your data is guaranteed.
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