You probably know a lot of the amazing stuff you can do with Microsoft Office on your PC. But what if you don’t have your PC? Or what if you don’t have the right Office app on your PC? What if you’re on the conference floor, on the train, or even on vacation and you need to…

•Make a couple of changes to a proposal that’s due yesterday?

•Check your stock of an item in an Excel spreadsheet to answer a client’s question?

•Review a colleague’s sales presentation right before showtime?

•Take some notes during a lunch meeting and add them to OneNote on your PC later?

•Open a document from your SharePoint Online site and add your brilliant insights before they fade away?

With Office 365 with Office Web Apps, you can create and edit Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote documents right from an Internet browser. And, you can view Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents on popular mobile devices.

Office Web Apps is part of SharePoint Online in Office 365, so you can access and edit your SharePoint documents from anywhere. You can open a document from your SharePoint Online library, or create a new one and save it to SharePoint Online. To create a new document right in the browser, just select the format (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or OneNote) and type the document name.

Office Web Apps is optimized for using on the go, so it’s fast and efficient. When new features are available, Office Web Apps is updated automatically, so you always have the latest functionality at your fingertips.

You’ll see your presentations, spreadsheets, documents, and notebooks in high fidelity. And when you edit them, the formatting is preserved, so your hard work making a great-looking document is never wasted.

Okay, now imagine you want to work together with someone else—sharing ideas, building a presentation, or creating a spreadsheet. With Office Web Apps, you can collaborate in real time on an Excel spreadsheet or a OneNote notebook in the browser, almost like you’re in the same room together.

With Office Web Apps, you can transform “to do” to “done” from just about anywhere.

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