The Data and Analytics experts in ISHIR, with a wealth of experience under their belt across various industry verticals, offer several data services customized to your requirements to unlock the trapped value from your siloed data landscape. Our services extend from Data Management to Sales Analytics, Data Visualization, and more, even for large heterogeneous data estates. We’ll help re-engineer your data landscape through tools, accelerators, and custom strategies to optimize data ingestion, create a consolidated & clean data environment, improve governance practices, and enable fast access to quality and trustworthy data with better self-service for agile, real-time, and informed decisions.

Our Expertise

Data Management

A cluttered and inferior data estate doesn’t result in immediate value. ISHIR has the most reliable experts and tools to structure and contain your organizational data. Our unique, effective, and end-to-end data management practices help to maintain and make sense of massive volumes of heterogeneous and siloed data marts to ensure a trusted data flow and availability through maximum uptime. Our advanced workflow and automation tools help standardize, store, secure, segregate, enrich, and optimize data spreads through unique methodologies to ensure on-the-fly access to your distributed data landscape for anyone and anywhere.

Data & Statistical Analysis

ISHIR carefully harnesses, manipulates, and presents quantitative data via Z-Test, T-Test, F-Test and Chi-Square Test Analysis, linear or logistic Regression Analysis, Correlation Analysis, Spearman’s analysis, ANOVA and MANOVA analysis. We also assist with Bayesian analysis, cluster analysis, design mock-up tables, and enable structural, multivariate, hierarchical, or equation modeling to result in swift business-forward decisions.

Data Aggregation

Our Data Stewards will help you extract, collate, and centralize the data spread for easy, credentialed, and swift access across the Enterprise. We will compile data into the target system from disparate sources in various formats and run advanced operations to present it in a view or report. Plus, we will upgrade and update the mappings whenever new data sources are defined to ensure the data flow acquisition & quality remains consistent.

Data Processing & Validation

Our data experts will also help profile, audit, and clean the data as per your mapping and data quality rules to restore and normalize all the missing and duplicate data elements. We will help standardize complex and unstructured data elements and append missing details to ensure the data is up-to-date and accurate. Our rule-based-validations and automated checks help to ensure that the ingested data matches the original.

Data Integration Process (ETL)

Our data experts will help you design, develop and implement ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) solutions for handling input and output data for further processing. It includes dealing with large volumes of data and multiple source systems, transforming, and loading data to and from data marts and data warehouses.

Data Engineering

ISHIR’s data engineering capabilities aim to solve common data-related pitfalls by helping to build efficient big data pipelines, enhance query performance, and analyze unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data with the right tools and ingenious strategies. We provide complete data lifecycle management, from data ingestion into a data warehouse or data lake to data pipelining through Databricks, Snowflake, Synapse, and more real-time and batch data processing, data quality standardization, and database optimization. Plus, we help embed advanced analytics via AI and ML-driven predictive systems for real-time insights and rapid value.

Data Warehousing

Our dedicated team of DW architects and administrators can help store large amounts of data in a database warehouse. We help create a centralized repository for data from various sources and transform it to be easily queried and analyzed for immediate insights. Our experts can help integrate data from multiple sources, build data models, architect a data warehouse, migrate your legacy solution, perform DW testing, and provide timely support in the cloud or on-premise to secure your data, ensure round-the-clock stability, address performance issues, and more to keep your data readily available and accessible to anyone for analytics.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Our expertise across multiple domains helps us craft value-driven BI strategies to analyze big business data and transform it into valuable insights for future-forward and informed decision-making. Our data experts help curate and present historical cross-functional data in easy-to-digest reports, dashboards, graphs, and maps to be shared with frontline workers. Our descriptive, predictive, and diagnostic, prescriptive analytics strategies framed through an agile delivery model help unlock substantial value from your data estate to improve operational efficiency, business continuity, customer experience, and revenue & profitability.

Marketing Analytics

Our experts will help you perform exploratory and agile analysis of your marketing data using texts, charts, visualizations, stories, and pictograms. Measure the performance of emails, PPC, and other campaigns through data-driven reports encompassing multiple KPIs & benchmarks in real-time. Extrapolate from several data sources to gain insights and formulate viable strategies. Facilitate proper budget distribution while studying the performance to make course corrections as need be to help maximize your ROI. Set sophisticated business rules, trends, best channels, and 360o customer insights for greater efficacy.

Customer Analytics

ISHIR helps businesses thrive by surfacing relevant insights that they can act on to uncover customer growth opportunities and provide an enhanced experience. Our D&A strategies, solutions, tools, and vision for your organization help unlock new revenue streams, nurture existing customers, tap into new markets, improve promotional campaigns, and more. Utilize psychographic, demographic, geographic, and transactional data to surge basket sales, cross-sell/up-sell, average order prices, and customer lifetime value. We track unique KPIs through multiple data touchpoints to personalize your messaging for your target audience.

Sales Analytics

Our analytics experts help businesses identify, model, understand and predict sales trends to forecast future sales performance and set realistic targets. Our well-defined sales analytics strategy, rooted in your core organizational KPIs, helps sales reps improve their closures. We help support, discover, diagnose, and enable predictive exercises through measures, dimensions, charts, and drill-down reports, to gain insights into your current sales situation around quotations, contracts, incoming sales orders, back orders, delivery performance, fulfillment, and more. Improve sales management and reduce silos to clear more leads in your pipeline.

Website Behavior Analysis

Our web and data experts have the right paradigm of tools and data strategies to examine the performance of every website. From heat maps to session recordings, our analysts track, record, and analyze every KPI that influences retention, interaction, and conversion on your website. From eye tracking to click bleeding, stickiness ratio, funnel drop-offs, subscriptions, engagement matrices, and more, we identify friction points in the customer journey. Furthermore, we detect non-performing pages, churn rate, and other metrics and combine the same with user personas to investigate and arrive at first-hand insights to optimize your site.

Data Mining

Our highly skilled data analysts can examine large databases to identify patterns in data. Through a combination of advanced analytics, statistics, AI, and ML. We bring the right analytics and data mining strategies & technologies to make faster and smarter decisions and unlock meaningful value and actionable insights from the historical enterprise data in your warehouse. We seamlessly cleanse and sift massive sets of archived data to identify trends and relationships and help turn them into actionable intelligence. We associate, cluster, and regress your voluminous database spread through advanced algorithms to identify patterns and suggest solutions.

Data Visualization & Insight

ISHIR can empower your business with intuitive dashboards and visual storytelling, making data consumption a delight for all data roles – data citizens and analysts. Glean in-depth insights in rich graphical formats to make business decisions less demanding and more engaging for all users. ISHIR helps your organization paint the picture using immersive visuals and natural language. Our excellence around powerful BI and analytics tools, best practices, customized analytics strategy, and a detailed roadmap helps you build charts, models, stories, simulations, and much more using a strategic and easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual interface.

Data Governance

ISHIR can help optimize the governance framework, elevate the data storage rules, strengthen audit trails, and minimize compliance risks. Our experts can embed AI-powered governance policies to automate and ensure a unified & consistent data governance process across your enterprise, which safeguards the security and accuracy of your sensitive master data. Leverage our expertise in compliance management and information security management to address the ever-evolving regulatory requirements. Our experts ensure your organization follows the strictest security controls to manage various scenarios and exceptions.

Data Analytics Tools

Microsoft Power BI: Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that provides end-to-end data analysis experience that helps organizations turn raw data into actionable insights. Power BI offers a suite of data visualization tools, including interactive dashboards, reports, and charts, to connect to a wide range of heterogeneous data sources, including cloud services, spreadsheets, and databases, and create stunning, interactive data visualizations. Power BI allows effortless data analysis without needing intervention from IT experts.

Qlik: Qlik helps organizations close the gaps between the abundance of data, insights, and action with the cloud interface built for real-time Intelligence. Make your data work for you nearly instantaneously through granular analytics and AI-driven and collaborative capabilities. Movement & Streaming. Qlik's Data Warehouse Automation, Data Transformation, Application Automation, Visualization & Dashboards, Augmented Analytics, Embedded Analytics, Alerting & Action, and several other powerful and intuitive capabilities lay the foundation for a data-driven culture.

Tableau: Tableau is a powerful business intelligence tool that turns complex raw data into easy-to-understand and actionable insights. With its drag-and-drop interface and advanced analytics functionalities, Tableau enables Line of Business (LoB) users to analyze data without technical skills. Tableau offers robust collaboration capabilities, allowing members to pull disparate data, share insights, and develop graphical reports collectively. Track KPIs, identify trends and make data-driven decisions to unlock rapid value from your organizational data estate.

Google Data Studio: Google Data Studio or Looker Studio thrives as a robust data and analysis tool for creating comprehensive reports and visually-stunning dashboards, which you can use to analyze and make informed decisions faster. See your data play out in an interactive, easy-to-read, shareable, and customizable dashboard, and use the insights to expedite decision-making for faster value. Clean, condense, archive, drill down, report, and do much more to unlock the power of your data. Use the Google platform to centralize and streamline your analytics activities.

Domo: Get quality data at your fingertips and empower your analysts to do more to unlock actionable insights and drive business decisions faster. The Domo low-code platform makes self-service analytics, reporting & dashboards, governance management, and Data Sharing & Embedded Analytics a convenient process for every user across the Enterprise – from data experts to data rookies. Pick up learnings in record time and pass them down to frontline workers to accelerate decision-making and transform how you acquire more value from data at a quick pace.

Python: Lately, Python has become indispensable to manipulating data, creating data pipelines, building and evaluating data models, understanding data distribution, performing exploratory data analysis, and applying analytical techniques to real-world datasets. Python is one of the most reliable assets for cleaning and formulating data for analysis. From predictive modeling to data visualization, the Python libraries and framework can cope with the abundance of data from multiple sources to load, tweak, examine, and visualize for faster learning and value.

Excel: The most widely used data analysis tool, Excel offers a range of simple and complex analytical capabilities, including pivot tables, charts, and functions, allowing even casual users to easily manipulate, analyze, and visualize data. Excel's intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it simple for users to analyze data. Excel also integrates with other BI tools, providing a comprehensive data analysis solution. Excel is an easily accessible tool that helps organizations build more data-driven stories and improve their data to insights conversion rate effortlessly.

Talend: Talend is a powerful data integration and analytics platform that provides multiple real-world implementations in various industries. The ability to break down structured and unstructured data, perform data mining, data extraction, transformation, and loading, big data processing, run all kinds of analytics, ability to integrate with Hadoop and Apache Spark, develop data models, and more makes this one of the most reliable tools to help businesses reap the benefits of faster decision-making, improved processes, increased productivity, and quality insights.

Data Analytics Services for Different Industries