July - Dec’12
Message From CEO's Desk

Every business is built on relationships. At ISHIR, we recognize that relationships that endure are built on setting expectations upfront, mutual understanding, open and honest communication. For more than 13 years, we have developed solutions to help our clients to efficiently run their businesses leveraging technology and also attract new customers on the Internet. We have been delivering on expectations and often exceeding those. This coming quarter one of the focuses will be to leverage our existing client relationship to grow the account and also have them refer us to their friends. This will help ISHIR grow our relationship and our business.

With 85+ employees currently serving 100+ clients in more than 14 countries, we have great responsibilities as a trusted advisor. In this year our corporate agenda will be focusing on being more accountable to our roles and responsibilities and our corporate vision.

It is not a simple task. It requires deep personal commitment and the ability to stay focused on the big picture (ISHIR’s corporate vision) while working through the countless details that bring such important corporate initiatives to life: implementation of technical innovations that are happening around our service domains, the near real-time support systems that speed service to customers, the workplace improvements that make for healthier operations and rewarding environment, the inclusive spirit that sparks creativity and collaboration, and the hours we invest in ourselves to improve our skills and keep up with the ever changing and challenging world markets that help us remain competitive.

Here are some of the ways ISHIR made a difference in last Year 2012:

All these actions build on our commitment to improve our work environment and also our client experience. They are a key part of how we create and grow strong relationships both inside the company and with our clients. I am honored and excited to be a part of a great team of professionals and also looking forward to grow our organization in the New Year.

We welcome feedback from ISHIRites on how they see us improving our organization and our client experience.

Best wishes to you and your families for a glorious 2013 from all of us at ISHIR management and corporate teams.

Warm Regards,
Rishi Khanna