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Back in 2017, Google acknowledged Kotlin as the second official language of Android app development. the programming language has seen an exponential rise in demand since then in both the developer as well as the enterprise community. The language is proving to be a pragmatic, modern, and intuitive programming language. With the release of Kotlin 1.3, improvements to Kotlin/Native are advancing the concept of multi-platform convenience. Finally, Android app developers can use one integrated development environment (IDE) to develop with Kotlin on all platforms. The newest release makes mobile app scalability more attainable by supporting the invaluable benefit of code reuse, saving time, and effort for more challenging tasks.

The key benefits of Kotlin for Android development

Lesser code combined with greater readability leads to fewer errors

Kotlin support in Android Jetpack and other libraries

Interoperability with Java

Support for multiplatform development. including iOS, backend, and web applications

Big community Support

Safer code - Android apps that use Kotlin are 20% less likely to crash

ISHIR specializes in Kotlin App development

To leverage the benefits of sharing the common code among the platforms. We utilize Kotlin, the language fully compatible with all Java-based frameworks to leverage the benefits for Android development. As one of the top Kotlin development companies, we evaluate your business needs and recommend you the most apt platform for your android app, which is sustainable, scalable, easy to maintain and ensures app security.

Enterprise Application Development using Kotlin

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Custom Android App Development using Kotlin

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Kotlin App

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Kotlin App

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Kotlin App

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