Over 25 Years of Software Development, Digital Product Innovation & Building Agile Product Teams

ISHIR’s software development services help business to achieve greater agility by transforming their ideas into reality. Our bespoke custom solutions lead to successful product outcomes with minimal risks.

Our iterative approach to software design and development helps to embrace change and reduce go-to market time. We believe in implementing the right project methodologies to stay on top of product roadmaps and release schedules according to clients need.

Our seamless, end-to-end approach helps organizations provide high-quality software delivery and improve responsiveness consumer demands.

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Software Solutions for Dallas’ Top Industries and Companies of all Type and Sizes

Dallas is the home to the top technology firms and experts across USA. If you are looking for a nearshore partner, ISHIR is the perfect match with years of experience, technical skills and professional demeanor to deliver development services to every type of business. Our capabilities include:

API Development and Software Integration

Our Software & Project Consultancy Services: A one stop solution for all your IT related needs & challenges

Besides providing technology solutions, we also cater to our client’s IT related queries and challenges. As a project consultancy and advisory provider in Dallas, our unparalleled expertise in the information and technology sector help clients to discover their goals and missions. Our services are catered to most daunting business challenges by agile and platform driven methods. Need help in:

Technology Strategy and Planning

IT Managed Services

Cloud and Migration Services

IT Budgeting

Security Risks Assessments

IT Modernization


Our Engagement Models

ISHIR offers multiple engagement models to meet the diverse needs of global clients. You can choose from any one of the generally accepted outsourcing engagement models below or a combination of them for different phases of your relationship.

Effort Based Pricing Or Time & Material

Milestone Based Billing

Dedicated Development Facility Or Retainer

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

Project Based Pricing Or Fixed Bid

Agile, our preferred software development methodology

Agile is the preferred software development methodology as it allows client involvement and the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. Our Dallas based team excels in Agile process implementation on all stages of the development process. We help clients implement the Agile mindset as well as particular Agile methodologies and frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and CI/CD.

Faster Time-To-Market

Reduced Development Costs

High Quality, User-Focused Software

Quicker Validation Of Business And Technical Assumptions

Efficient Utilization Of Resources

Reduced Risk Throughout The Development Process

Other methodologies used according to the business requirement: Waterfall, DevOps,scrum etc

How we create a framework for success in custom software development?

Effective Project Architecture and Assessment Strategy

This is one of the crucial steps wherein we create the formal document that defines execution and other essential control stages of the project. The plan includes: Defining the project’s scope, quality baseline, deliverables, milestones, success criteria and requirements. Create a project charter, work breakdown structure (WBS) and a statement of work (SOW).

High Quality Software Engineering

We incubate new capabilities in business application and follow the principles around code coverage, testing and refactoring to develop high quality softwares.

Advanced Development Approach

Majority of ISHIR’s project are driven by agile methodology. These software development Methodologies are structures used for planning, creating, testing and deploying effective software solutions by our project management teams.


With custom software development, you have the power to decide which data-security technology or protocol is ideally suited for your business and integrate that in your software.

Our Custom Software Application Development Process

Using our robust technology, agile delivery approach, and expertise, we provide fully functional software product development services to our customers to refine their idea into a scalable and market-worthy product. Our process is categorised into following phases:

  • STEP 1


    • Review Project Material
    • Workshops
    • Team Meetings
    • Meeting with Key stakeholders
    • Review Recorded Sessions
    • Summarize Findings
  • Planning

    • Sitemap
    • Information architecture
    • Development plan
    • Tech stack
    • Final proposal
    STEP 2
  • STEP 3

    MVP Development

    • UI Testing
    • Verifying POC
    • Feature Testing
  • Design

    • User research
    • Wireframes and mockups
    • UI/UX design
    • Usability testing
    STEP 4
  • STEP 5


    • Website layout
    • Back-end code
    • Configured databases
    • Custom APIs
  • Testing

    • Test automation
    • Usability testing
    • Test scripts
    • Security check
    STEP 6
  • STEP 7


    • Source code & build files
    • Product reviews
    • User feedback
    • Maintenance
    • Support

IT consulting across industry verticals