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We are a launchpad for startups without tech expertise. We offer a dedicated team with the right skill sets and experience to develop a prototype or a minimum viable product.

Mid and Large sized Enterprises launching their own software products

Using our cutting-edge technologies, agile delivery approach, and expertise, we provide fully functional software product development services for enterprises of all sizes to refine their idea into a scalable and market-worthy product.

Organizations that want to digitalize

We are a launchpad for startups without tech expertise. We offer a dedicated team with the right skill sets and experience to develop a prototype or a minimum viable product.

Software Development Process We Use to Build the Next-Gen Digital Products

Project Assessment

The primary goal of conducting a project assessment is to understand the scope, scale, timeline, and overall objectives of the project. This steps helps us to develop better and implement the project management deliverables that are critical to support the project and make it successful. Overall this step includes:

  • Idea validation and estimation
  • Project estimation
  • Requirements and feasibility analysis

This step ensures that whether the software you want to build is viable for your requirements or calls for changes before design and development are in full swing.

What you get:

  • Review Project Material
  • Workshops
  • Team Meetings
  • Meeting with Key stakeholders
  • Review Recorded Sessions
  • Summarize Findings

Project Planning

This is one of the crucial steps wherein we create the formal document that defines execution and other essential control stages of the project. The plan includes:

  • Defining the project’s scope, quality baseline, deliverables, milestones, success criteria and requirements. Create a project charter, work breakdown structure (WBS) and a statement of work (SOW).
  • Identifying the risks and assigning the deliverables to the team members, who will perform the tasks required and monitor the risks associated with them.
  • Organize the project team (customers, stakeholders, teams, ad hoc members, and so on), and define their roles and responsibilities.
  • Create a communication plan, schedule, budget and other guiding documents for the project.

What you get:

  • Sitemap
  • Information architecture
  • Development plan
  • Tech stack & architecture
  • Final proposal

Prototype or MVP

If you have not validated your idea and are still testing the waters, this step will help you with that. This step utilizes the preliminary research to determine if your idea works in real world. For such a situation we consider building a clickable prototype, concierge MVP, or full-fledged MVP.

  • Clickable Prototype is a visual representation of the user interface of a website or software application and offers an interactive experience very similar to a finalized application to evaluate its usability.
  • A concierge MVP is based on a ready-made solution to focus on the audience’s problems without developing any functionality. It's basically a good way to check product's demand.
  • A full-fledged MVP is a more detailed design and functionality than a prototype, to check what works for your audience’s pain points.

What you get:

  • Testing the UI of your would-be product
  • Verifying a proof of concept
  • Testing the features


This is a step where your product reaches a visual milestone and defines how the final product will function and look like so users get value effortlessly and enjoy using it. The design phase helps to achieve the right balance between what the user wants and the corporate goals. It begins with:

  • User Research and Information Architecture: The three paramount elements of this step are Design Brief, User personas, journey and flow. These three elements are carefully planned team builds it to combine your product’s navigation, features, visuals, and other content. IA is then used to prioritize UX when creating wireframes.
  • Wireframing and Mockups: The wireframes gives you a rough estimation of placement of buttons, navigations and page depths. Similarly mockups gives a visually refined layout that provides the overall feel of the product. A mockup can be full of icons, sliders, and other visuals created within a defined color scheme and over a wireframe layout.
  • UI/UX: In this step, the design team makes sure that the product aligns with the user interactivity and final view of the software is created, homing in on the minor details and micro interactions
  • Usability testing: Usability testing is the last step before software product development begins to assess the product’s intuitiveness, accuracy, and effectiveness.

What you get:

  • Website layout
  • Back-end code
  • Configured databases
  • Custom APIs


This is the step where everything is setup for creating your software product wherein our Agile software development team get started with the coding of the infrastructure, frontend and backend work. The stage includes:

  • Developers set up the environment for data storage, APIs, cloud computing, etc.
  • Front-end developers work on crafting smooth and user- friendly interfaces to provide users with a intuitive experience.
  • Back-end developers work on the hidden system that drives the software's business logic.

What you get:

  • Website layout
  • Back-end code
  • Configured databases
  • Custom APIs


Our Independent Test and Verification service improves quality and reliability of the client's products leading to higher client satisfaction and reduced support costs. The quality assurance services included in the process which is predefined QA plan for your project that the whole QA team sticks to. The QA plan describes the scope of testing and the actions to take to deliver a flawless product. We implement it during the development stage to shift focus to:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Test planning and execution
  • Defect tracking
  • Pre-launch regression testing

We do manual and automated tests to efficiently get to the root cause of failures as they're detected.

What you get:

  • Test automation
  • Usability testing
  • Test scripts
  • Security check

Implementation and Deployment

When pre-launch testing stage proves your software is ready, it’s moved into production. This step involves software product release orchestration to bring your solution to end-users. The steps involve:

  • Setting Up Servers
  • Building a CI/CD pipeline
  • Protecting software from third party failures

We take your product live and are glad to support its growth.

What you get:

  • Source code and build files
  • Product reviews
  • User feedback
  • Maintenance and support

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Services We Cover

SaaS Application Development

Examining client requirements to provide complete consultation on the SaaS product devlopment.Consulting the product roadmap to check if the requirements aren’t covered by future releases.Creating custom features and UI components.Creating custom APIs for integration with clients’ systems.

Custom Software Development

Drive innovation, validate new product ideas, verify and prototype their potential with customers and investors with our custom software development expertise fit for all your business needs.

Enterprise Product Development

By combining your products ideas with our delivery capabilities, you can quickly reap time-to-value, offer a more complete product mix and thereby increase your market share and revenue.

CRM Development Solutions

Tap into the market potential with our CRM development services to take your business to a whole new level. In addition to the instant benefits, there are also long terms advantages of our CRM services.

Product Customization

Increase the life of a product by adding features to keep it relevant to changing market needs, especially important when customizing the product for large installs/accounts.Identify and quickly extend product functionality, cross platform integration, web, smart, cloud and mobile devices.

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