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It’s Not the Customer’s Job to Know What They Want

The phrase "It's not the customer's job to know what they want" is often attributed to Steve Jobs. This highlights the role of innovation... Read More

Why Companies Struggle to Innovate: Overcoming the Top 5 Excuses Leaders Make

Innovation is not just a buzzword — it's a necessity. Yet, many organizations, even technology startups find themselves caught in the inertia of the... Read More

The Top 9 ChatGPT Plugins for Developers in 2024

Imagine a world where coding becomes a collaborative effort, not just between programmers, but with an AI assistant by your side. That's the... Read More

The 8 P’s to Mitigate Risks in Software Product Development Initiatives

Software product development initiatives are not an easy feat especially when 80% of the projects fail for one reason or another. Executing software... Read More

Hammer Looking for a Nail: Avoiding a Common Startup Pitfall

For startups, it's easy to get excited about the emerging technologies. They often get enticed by flashy features and rapid production of MVP... Read More

Leading with Value, Not Just Technology in Digital Product Development

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital product development, it's easy to get caught up in the latest tech trends & emerging technologies. However,... Read More

Embracing the MLP Approach: Key to Startup Success!

What is a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP)? In the startup world, resources are precious and time is of the essence, the goal often is... Read More

Stop “applying Lipstick on a Pig”, it’s about time you Innovate

The phrase "putting lipstick on a pig" is a colloquial way to describe trying to make superficial improvements to something fundamentally flawed. In... Read More

DynamoDB’s Superpower: Mastering Single Table Design in DynamoDB

In recent years, I've become a huge fan of DynamoDB. It offers several advantages over top databases: For example: Flexible Pricing: You only... Read More

How to Mitigate a Cold Start Problem in a Startup

The Cold Start Problem in startups refers to the initial challenge of launching a digital product when there are no existing users, customers,... Read More

Harnessing the Power of the Kraken: A Deep Dive into the Kraken Model of Innovation

The Kraken Model of Innovation is not just a concept but a transformative strategy to thrive. This model draws its inspiration from the... Read More

Slay the Monster that is Decelerating Your Innovation

In every organization, there lurks a subtle yet formidable adversary that threatens to undermine the progress and innovation essential for staying ahead in... Read More

Do You Really Think You Can Truly “Start UGLY” To Fight Innovation

"Starting ugly" in the context of launching a digital product generally means releasing a basic, often minimally viable product (MVP), to the market... Read More

Is Rust Programming Language Worth The Hype? Is The Hype a Bust or a Boom

Rust is a systems programming language that has gained significant attention in recent years due to its unique blend of safety, performance, and... Read More

Validate customers have a problem they’re willing to pay to solve before building the software product !

I speak with ambitious startup founders and tech executives in mid-market and enterprises every day. During my conversation with one business owner yesterday, he... Read More

Leadership in the Age of AI: Skills You Need to Succeed

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is upon us, transforming every facet of our lives, and the workplace is no exception. A recent study... Read More

10 Innovative Startup App Ideas For Businesses In 2024

Ask anyone what the most resilient parasite is today, and answers may vary between viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens known to man. But... Read More

What is the difference between Agile PODs and Scrum Teams?

The modern business landscape prioritizes maximizing productivity without sacrificing quality. This has led to a significant shift, particularly within the tech companies, towards... Read More

Build vs Buy Software Analysis: Which Is Right for Your Business in 2024?

Is your business humming along smoothly with off-the-shelf software, or are you starting to feel its limitations? In 2024's dynamic tech landscape, choosing... Read More

What is Code Refactoring Examples, Techniques, Tools, and Best Practices

Is cluttered code slowing you down? Do you wish to alter and clean up the code? Code refactoring can come to your rescue.... Read More