App promotion is one of the major challenges faced by mobile app developers these days, especially in Android community. For developing an app in the android market has become much more liberal when compared to the earlier times. Anybody having an idea of coding can make it work. He can upload the apps in Play Store assisted with normal app review process for virus, profanity etc.


However, the developers who have really toiled hard for making a stupendous mobile app face a big obstacle in promoting their app to the right target audience. To resolve this issue, Google’s AdMob network has come up with a new enhancement in its app promotion feature.


This new feature is popularly known as “installed app category targeting”. With this feature, marketers can drive installs from the people who are more likely to install their app. It even allows marketers to target the people who have already installed an app from the category in which the promoted app is listed. For instance, if a messaging app is to be promoted, marketers can promote their app to users of Facebook app or WhatsApp. This is done after keeping in mind that the probability that these users might download this app is greater in this case, instead of promoting the app to a user of a gaming app.


Taking cue from such instances, one can contribute a large chunk in finding out the most qualified audience/users for a mobile application; this could give an extra edge for the promotion of an app. However, it is always recommended to provide the best experience to the potential audience. According to a recent study conducted by CompuWare, 80-90% of the downloaded apps are used only once. This gives a chance to developers to distinguish themselves from other developers by using a mixed recipe of high quality mobile experience in an application and promoting their apps to the most qualified audience with this new feature provided in AdMob network.

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