Social Media is ruling the world since last decade, but many people are still confused as to what to do or what not to do on social media platform for their businesses. On one side, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. helps in business expansion whereas on the other side, if not done properly it may present a bad picture of your brand to the users which can ultimately increase reputation concern.


It is also necessary to understand which social media network fits your business the most as per your business requirements. As for B2B, social channels are not the perfect place whereas for B2C marketing, social media marketing fits the most.


So today I’m going to share some mistakes which one should possibly avoid while opting for social media platform. Here are some of them:

  1. Don’t Dive Into All Social Channels At Once: While opting for social media channels it is good if you first research which platform suits you the most. As I have already said every social channel cannot appropriate for your business, so it’s better to think before choosing. Just creating account on every social platform and leaving it inactive will not anyway help in getting more traffic to your website.
  2. Don’t Just Talk About Yourself: As we know “Self Praise is no recommendation” similarly always talking about you gives a negative impression to the followers or friends. So, the better way to leverage social channels is to share the engrossed content from various websites and network with other users. This will certainly help in boost in traffic.
  3. Don’t try to add or remove many people daily: Every social media channel has some guidelines which every user have to follow in order to protect their account from penalty. So, it is recommended that don’t add or remove more than 8-10 people in a day (in each social network).
  4. Don’t Post in Hurry; Think before You Post: It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first post or a just a regular activity you should always think twice before posting anything on your social media profile. As whatever you will post on the social channel will be there forever so it is highly recommended to share the stuff which is from the trusted sources as a small mistake can reflect poorly on you and your brand.
  5. Don’t confuse between personal profile and business profile: Except Twitter every social network has some different personal as well as business profiles. Both in Facebook and G+ you have to create your personal profile first and afterwards create the business profile/page. In Facebook it is called as Facebook Business Page& in Google+ it’s named as Google+ for Business. For promoting posts from your website you can leverage your business profile and using your personal profile you can promote content from other websites as well.
  6. Don’t forget to engage your followers: Social media is not just about connecting with the people rather you should also engage people/followers. While using social channels don’t forget that your main aim is to find prospects and getting more followers, so to accomplish this you should also engage with them. Connecting personally with someone is the most effective way to do business; in fact it’s the real online marketing.
  7. Inappropriate Use of #tags: It is important to understand the use of #tag. Many of us either don’t use it or using but don’t know the relevance of it. Hence using as many #tags in a sentence as we want, which is not the right way of using it. Before using #tag with any word it is important that you should evaluate how important that keyword is. As #tag is the easiest way to expand your reach, so having many #tags in a sentence looks messy.

Hope these suggestions will make some sense in maintaining your business social media profiles. If you agree or disagree on any of my personal recommendations or you have some more points to add, please feel free to comment.

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