Do you have any plans to virtualize your applications?


If yes, make use of AppV 5 instead of 4.6. Even though AppV 4.6 has more documentation available on the global consortium of World Wide Web regarding possible solutions, recipes, tweaks when compared to AppV 5.0. But, we recommend using AppV 5.0 as Microsoft has already announced to shut the AppV 4.6 Mainstream Support this July (2015). For more information, click here to read full story at the Microsoft official page.


Although it will be time consuming & laborious task to migrate applications from AppV 4.x to AppV 5 but, AppV 5 has much more benefits when compared with 4.x. Some of the prominent ones are mentioned below –


  • Support for latest OS
  • Support for Shell Extensions
  • PowerShell
  • No Q:\ Drive
  • No Size Limit of 4 GB
  • Connection Groups


This is not only for the ones who have plans to virtualize, but this is applicable to all those who would like to take advantage of the latest features in AppV 5.0.




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