Organizations, around the world, want to tap what cloud can offer and enhance their output and improve their business processes. Microsoft’s Office 365 seems to provide similar benefits to organizations and leverage the power of technology. With expansion plans in Japan, Microsoft is strengthening their cloud services and intend to launch new and innovative public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Microsoft’s official blog quoted that locally hosted versions of Office 365, business applications on cloud and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will be available for users in Japan. Office 365 users in Japan can experience CRM Online in the current year and have already received the locally hosted Office 365 services.

Post-migration benefits

1. Productivity Cloud Services (Microsoft Office 365)

With the updates and new features, Office 365 offers personalized insight, ubiquitous collaboration and people-centric compliance to its customers.


2. Integrated CRM application service (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online)

The primary benefit of working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it works seamlessly with Office and Power BI across mobile devices. This in turn helps in boosting sales, gaining customer loyalty, delivering smarter marketing.


When will migration happen?


Microsoft has planned migrations in a way that they face zero to minimum downtime. Office 365 customers will be automatically moved to the latest locally hosted service in Japan. Whereas, the tenant move program will run outside working hours and the customers will get 1.5 months advance notice of the migration.

Benefits of hosting Office 365 locally in Japan

The availability of locally hosted services broadens the choice for the consumer in the cloud. Japanese customers can now store data locally, which gives a sense of trust in the minds of the local people. This is predominantly true if we look at sectoral bifurcation. The financial services sector, government organizations, healthcare industry all are required to preserve records in the country and comply with domestic rules and regulations.

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