Mark, a Program Manager on the Windows SharePoint Services team focuses on the developer platform and on deploying Microsoft SharePoint Online solutions to some of his company’s customers. According to him clients often contact his company with the need for Corporate Portal or Customized Website. We have similar point of view from many others SharePoint application developers who are using Microsoft SharePoint platform. It’s one of the easiest and convenient ways to solve their tasks and one can have a complete website hosted in SharePoint web hosting.


Microsoft SharePoint is a web-oriented platform for collaboration and documents management. Using features in Project Management and task management in Microsoft SharePoint 2007 we can create a project, assign tasks and sub-tasks of the project to team members and track the development of the project. SharePoint Online also comes with some other great features such as predefined templates; discussion forums and many others. These SharePoint online applications features can be customized to create dynamic and custom web applications, to improve productivity and increase efficiency of employees. Microsoft SharePoint server comes with solutions that are tailored for specific businesses or tasks. You can customize the template with your own logo, forms, and create user alerts. Managers and CEOs can keep track of activities using these templates. Forums and discussion groups can be used to discuss important projects. Projects can be tracked using the Internet in a location independent manner which is so essential if development team is spread in different parts of the world; work in different locations or work in a 24 X 7 environment and may be assigned to an offshore software development company. This saves a lot of time in organizing meetings and co-ordination.


Using Microsoft SharePoint Online 2007 we can centrally store the documents which can be accessed by users. We can control which document is accessible to which user. Changes to the document can be tracked. These files can be accessed from any location in the world. Many documents like Word and Excel can be opened and edited in the browser itself. With Microsoft SharePoint Hosting we can create meeting space, and use the workspace to publish the agenda; invite attendees and discuss points. We can use the same workspace to track the points and tasks that were discussed during the meeting. We can view the calendar and determine the best time for you and the attendees before scheduling the meeting. As we move towards a world, where time and boundaries no longer are hindrance towards doing business; Microsoft SharePoint And hosted Exchange 2007 are becoming feature rich tools which will help us improve productivity and increase efficiency. Using a vendor to host these feature rich collaborative suites will significantly save your precious dollars and time.

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