Microsoft Azure Webinar Live

This coming Tuesday Microsoft is planning to open up about some behind the scenes details about Azure. This free webinar is targeted at people who have anything to do with the development process using PHP.


As the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella plans to be pulling in $20 billion in cloud services revenue by 2018, this webinar could hold some very valuable information for quite a number of people.


And because this webinar focuses on teaching viewers how to leverage PHP development tools like Redis, MySQL, and others, creating PHP apps on Azure is most likely going to important area of focus with Microsoft going forward into cloud services.


With intense competition between Amazon and Microsoft, you can see what Amazon has been gearing up to accomplish in their webinar schedule here. But as Microsoft continues to dump over $10 million a year into cloud technology, it is no secret that Microsoft is diving head first into this direction, so attending this webinar is an absolute must if you’re a developer, and especially if you like PHP.


This webinar will be led by Cory Fowler and Josh Holmes globally next Tuesday so don’t forget to pencil this into your schedule for next week!


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