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Cloud storage is among the greatest advancements of our time.


The ability to store files in the cloud to access them anywhere and anytime while handing off the operational costs of the storage facility to someone else is game changing. No more complexities with data storage and no more down time.


Yet, we have to come to terms with the fact that cloud providers have complete control over our data and accept that they can be hacked just like anyone else.


…Or do we?


Many with cloud storage assume that security breaches are always a possibility due to human failures, so you really have to trust your cloud provider to make the right decisions. Rogue employees, angry workers looking to bring down a company, or an illegal act by a competitor could results in one of these “human failures”.


Now becoming more popular with business owners who want absolute immunity from these possible scenarios is “zero-knowledge” encryption. This is go-to choice for those that want to have absolute control over their cloud security.


With this kind of encryption, you and only you hold the keys to the cloud.


If someone does happen to break into the servers, whether it be the cloud provider or a hacker, all they will see is encrypted files with no information to steal.


There are a number of these encryption providers available to the public today, so I’ll like three of the top companies around, beginning with…




For over 10 years SpiderOak has been leading the “zero-knowledge” intiative out of the US to provide this service all over the world. They highlight their core objective to having zero knowledge about any of your data on their homepage.


They provide single-access user control as well as an encrypted cloud back up service and a secure collaboration platform. SpiderOak services have a pricing structure that you can find here.




Born in a country with the strongest data laws in the world, Tresorit operates out of Switzerland. They offer client encryption, mobile apps, and Microsoft leveraged services to create extra security. With Tresort, even if access is granted to someone accidentally (or maliciously), this extra security prevents them from accessing any data if they haven’t been authorized previously.


See the pricing structure for their platform here.




Looking for something outside of complete cloud storage? If you’re looking for a different solution or you have a local cloud network you may want to look into SecureDoc. This functions as an application to make sure only encrypted files are ever allowed to enter the cloud through local means.


With administrator access, folders and files can be chosen for encryption and sent to the local cloud manually. Using this does work on a per-use cost structure so getting a quote would be necessary before even considering this option.


Have a plan before going all in on a single access system


Knowing that there is only one use control that overlooks a whole system of data for a company, there is a huge responsibility to not lose or forget your codes. While data loss prevention is still an option in alternative scenarios, if you choose to go with a provider mentioned above, you could very well lose your cloud data forever. This is why we suggest building a customer plan to not lose your access codes before ever considering the above options.



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