Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is amongst the fastest growing segments of information technology industry. By now, it is well-known and accepted that SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model is not just hype and it is here to stay. SaaS is defined by the business benefits it delivers to customers; faster time-to-value, lower cost of ownership, and increasing value over time through ongoing free upgrades.

SaaS offers in terms of lowering cost of ownership and operations, predictable and recurring revenue, ability to easily reach new customers of all sizes etc are too many to resist. Its business benefits include better support (since all customers are on one version of the software and the SaaS provider knows the user’s data, configuration, and usage), easier deployment, and lower hidden costs as there are no SaaS upgrade projects, patches to apply, databases to back up and restore, etc.

All the key components of SaaS architecture and infrastructure – multi-tenant, single-version, shared infrastructure, fully webified, configurable, metered and actively monitored – simply serve to deliver these benefits.

ISHIR became one of the early adopters of SaaS model and is currently working on various SaaS migration and SaaS enablement program, leveraging their continuous R&D efforts and incremental methodology.

ISHIR offers:

  • SaaS Consulting: Feasibility check of your existing product architecture for SaaS enablement and prototyping laying down the road map for a successful transition.
  • SaaS Architectural Consulting: Laying the foundation of a robust architecture for successful SaaS application that is scalable, multi-tenant and configurable to achieve the economy of scale you are aiming by transitioning to SaaS.
  • Successful Development: As the pioneer in adopting agile methodologies in distributed environment, we efficiently reduce your time-to-market and shorten release cycles to enhance the value you deliver to your customers.
  • User Experience: Employing the best practices for developing a SaaS application, our team will work with you to build visually rich, intuitive SaaS application.
  • Building Offline Capabilities: We specialize in developing Smart Clients to provide extra-rich user interface as well as provide offline capabilities empowering your power users to do more.
  • Office Tools Integration: We can seamlessly integrate your SaaS solutions with familiar Microsoft Office and other Office tools to improve productivity of your users.
  • SOA Integration: Integrating your SaaS application with your customers’ other on-premise and SaaS applications is always a challenge because they reside across the firewall. We have strong capabilities in building Web Services based integration solution to overcome this challenge.
  • Engineered Testing: Validation of the solution using experienced test engineers to ensure that your SaaS application is ready to meet the performance and security demands of your geographically distributed users.

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