SharePoint has come a long way in terms of user interface and navigation in the recent years. However, providing a user interface which reflects your organizational brand identity is not easy. Any organization possesses the need to represent and promote their brands effectively with both the external and internal stakeholders. Branding is important as it helps the organization in improving usability and user adoption of the technology, majorly.


SharePoint branding though is not an easy task and requires thorough knowledge of traditional web design as well as developer expertise yet given enough time, money and resources you can brand SharePoint to look like anything you want. And this is where the SharePoint branding experts come in play.


The SharePoint branding experts help you in reproducing your brand identity effectively and efficiently in both intranet and internet facing sites. The main reasons why companies opt for SharePoint branding experts include,

  • Novelty: Novelty and uniqueness is the biggest demand when it comes to SharePoint branding. This is because SharePoint branding lets an individual to connect with the organization in a positive way. If the website will not have the element of novelty and uniqueness in it, SharePoint branding will not be of any worth. In outsourcing SharePoint branding, you can expect a better end result from the agency, as they have expertise in all facets of SharePoint Design, which helps them to deliver a better product. Also, with a huge team of the same background, new ideas generate more easily, which is not possible in-house.
  • Time: It is one of the major factors why companies outsource SharePoint branding. Companies, generally, do not have the time to focus on SharePoint branding as they have to concentrate on other important aspects of their business. In such a scenario, companies prefer outsourcing SharePoint branding to experts.

However, one other major reason why companies outsource SharePoint branding is the service quality provided by the service providers.

  • Development of customized themes in order to convey the desired style and branding of the organization.
  • Implementation of style sheets, templates, definitions etc. to provide desired look and feel.

ISHIR is one of the leading SharePoint branding experts and has an experienced design team, which provides many services such as customizing themes and templates, master page layout, CSS, site definitions, Microsoft SilverLight, administer controls for personalization, etc.



  1. Rosewood says:

    It is vital to alter the look and feel of SharePoint entryway usage to coordinate your corporate branding, where you have to make engaging sites.

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