When someone hits your website, you need to able to convey, as soon as possible, a strong reason for them to stay. You need to convert them to your side by using as few effective elements as possible. This task is not easy, and you must deal with a large amount of human psychology to achieve your goal. Creating a good landing page goes beyond creating something that simply looks cool or good. You want to amaze and strike awe in a viewer and draw them in! Unfortunately, there is no exact science to design a landing page that converts, but with this blog, I’ll do the best to outline the key elemental points that you should focus on to bring in the customers. With considerations ranging from punchy headlines to testimonials, I hope to make your vision a reality.

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An Explosive Headline

Say whatever you’d like about explosions, but one thing is universal: Nobody can ignore an awesome explosion and not enjoy it. In fact, some Hollywood careers were built on this premise. What you want to do is make a headline that functions just like an explosion. You want the viewer to be immediately drawn in and unable to look away. The qualities of a  good headline should get attention, quickly inform, and short. Your headline should look bold and inform explosively quickly and explosively obviously.


An Enticing Sub-headline

When the headline explodes, you’ll want the user to scroll further and find a more detailed and enticing sub-headline. The main goal of the sub-headline is to build on the initial hook that the headline provides. The sub-headline should be intentionally persuasive to convince the user to stick around after the initial wow of the headline. Expand the points raised in the headline and build up a better picture of your product or service in the mind of the consumer. Remember to keep it brief and adequately informative though. The sub-headline is not the place to write an essay.


Pictures are worth a thousand words

The adage that pictures are worth a thousand words will always hold true. The human brain processes images at an incredible speed that reading cannot hope to match. As such, remember to invest in the pictures on your site as they speak literal volumes of your business. Make sure your pictures are clear, professional, and high-quality and go well with your design. If your company is selling a real-world product, ensure that it’s clearly displayed and obvious at just the briefest of glances at your landing page. Even if someone can’t read your headline for some reason, make it obvious from the pictures what you’re selling. Make sure it looks good when you do it.


A Thorough Explanation

Now that you’ve hooked the user using your headline, sub-headline, and sublime pictures, it’s time to provide a clear and thorough explanation of your product or service more clearly. You should always make room in the design of your website for an explanation. It is especially necessary if you feel that the above does not provide a complete picture of what your company offers. Human attention is a very fickle resource. So, remember not to get too lost and keep your explanations clear and to the point.


Tried and True Testimonials

Putting a human face and experience is an excellent way to bring potential customers to your side. When someone is viewing your product or service, they will want proof of its worthiness for their hard-earned money. In order to have a well designed landing page, you must  always feature testimonials.Testimonials are an inherently trustworthy way to bring customers over to your side. Human empathy means that your potential customers may see themselves as a happy customer in a group of others displayed on your site. Testimonials are even more powerful if they come from recognized influencers that are relevant to the market that you’re trying to sell to.


Contact for Legitimacy

One of the best ways to create a sense of trust in your potential customers is to provide simple and clear contact information for them to use. Contact information helps prove that your business is real and creates a greater trust in you. Providing a physical address and phone number works best in this regard. Another excellent resource to consider is the live chat. Live chats are incredibly helpful and serve to make a customer feel valued. After all, you’re making yourself available to them 24/7 to answer any questions that they might have.


There we have it. A brief list of essential items that your landing page should have to hopefully and instantly convert potential customers to your side. Ultimately, the goal of your landing page can be extracted from a combination of all the above points: Inform, convince, and build trust. In as short a time as possible, make a potential customer become a new and hopefully loyal customer by building a landing page that explodes, hooks, and pockets for your profit.


Author Bio:

Chloe Smith is a design enthusiast, business consultant for a professional website design agency from Sydney and a part-time writer always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success. When she’s not working, she’s probably somewhere cuddled up with a good book, and a cup of lemongrass tea (or more honestly binge-watching the newest Netflix hit show).


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