Due to the COVID19 situation, many organizations around the world are focusing on automation to become pace up and become more agile in the face of increased demand and rapidly changing environment. From managing high volumes of testing results to supporting the increased need in call centers to preparing and enabling a remote workforce, organizations are realizing the benefits of automating right now.

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The robotic process automation (RPA) will thrive in the current market. More and more enterprises will adopt this technology in a bid to enhance their growth. In every industry, automation and technology are inevitable. RPA controls mundane tasks to bring efficiency to a higher level. However, at scale, it has been rather slow. Global predictions indicate a fast-rising approach by companies towards RPA. And soon, probably 2020, most, if not all, will upgrade their intelligent automation. So, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t be left out of the Robotics Process Automation:

Reduced costs

The most significant achievement to have as a business is bringing down the costs of operation. This translates to an increase in profits. RPA is set to bring down operational costs through boosting efficiency.


RPA in mind, but not sure where to start?

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Advanced security

RPA development will boost security by a considerable margin. Most of the responsibilities that were initially pegged on human shoulders will now be transferred to the ‘robot.’ Most of the upcoming and existing cyber and security threats will go down. Conversely, any internal faults will be alleviated through proper mechanisms of control. Security is prime to any business, and especially those that operate online.

Integration with other emerging and current technologies

Technology is an ever-rolling stone. And as this is the case, it keeps on making impacts everywhere it goes. In the business world, there are several new technologies that have risen the ranks and become imperative to daily operations. RPA services have the same potential if appropriately utilized.

To ease the workflow of different organizations, RPA will work hand in hand with other vibrant technologies. This will further accelerate the rate of learning for distinct operations such as chatbots. When it is put together with data software such as IoT, RPA will effortlessly analyze and process data seamlessly. With all these in the picture, business processes and operational efficiency are set to hit a record high.

Most emphasized is the relationship between RPA and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the upcoming days. This will make data prediction and analysis easier for companies. In turn, this will make complex decisions easier for abridgment.

Job impact

It is feared that the inception of RPA will lead to a swathe of job cuts. However, RPA experts argue that the opposite is exact. While machines come in to make efficiency, productivity, and operation smooth, human labor are still vital. For instance, humans will work in tandem with computers in a creative and strategic manner. RPA is only seen as an amplification of intelligence by humans. Robots are best suited for tasks that people loathe and cannot do effectively.


RPA in mind, but not sure where to start?

Ask for a FREE consultation session with our RPA experts.



Increased speed and efficiency

Businesses that will include Robotics Process Automation in their operations are set to report a higher level of efficiency and speed. This, of course, is without sacrificing on the outcome and quality of products and services. Besides, it will also mean a boosted agility and flexibility in the corporation.

Impact on industries

It is estimated that 30% of the time, IT departments spend handling basic tasks. This is a huge percentage when you equate to the possible returns or profits. This can quickly go down, thanks to the introduction of RPA. Most of these jobs will be handled by the new technology, and this will save time and costs. RPA developers argue that all industries will benefit from this change. This is from the private sector, large to small scale, public sectors, SMB’s, and governments.

It will bring in a lot of automation and cloud-based platforms

A recent study has shown how RPA development will bring in advanced changes. On average, 80% of rule-based functions can be automated. The improvement of cloud-based platforms will give enhanced security and efficiency to businesses. And this is set to get better thanks to the involvement of RPA.

Report generation and revenue forecasting

The most pertinent factors about a business are revenue forecasting and report generation. Of greater importance is revenue forecasting, as this helps you all to understand how much gains are in the offing. Report generation also acts as a guide that is much needed in making essential decisions. RPA is set to impact both in the coming year.


Your organization needs to prepare to plug into the wave of RPA. By providing an end to end automation solution, this new technology is set to make things better for most industries and enterprises. There are three most effective tools for RPA, which include; blue prism, automation anywhere, and UiPath. For sure, there are a lot of other operational activities that RPA is set to improve. However, the above-stated examples are some of the primary factors. This technology is set to spread like wildfire in the Amazon forest, and you need to get your house in order as early as now.

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