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The best thing happend in her life is tour to Germany.
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Avoid Negative Thoughts, People, Things and Habits. 
Believe in yourself.
Consider things from every angle and others points of view....
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Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, Chances are it will burn very briefly.
Shikha Kumar "If you think you can, or you can't, then you are right." It is worthwhile to give some consideration to these words from Henry Ford to understand the power of ones thoughts.

When I had to write the Foreword for this quarter's HRG Connect, I knew that nothing could be more appropriate than the power of our thoughts in these trying times. When we are seeing recession all around the globe, it is only natural to feel the heat. 
At such times if we can focus on our thoughts and choose carefully what we want to think, then I believe it would dissolve a lot of negativity.

I had once read some where:

"Watch your definitions, they become your thoughts.
Watch you thoughts, they become your words.
Watch your words, they become your actions.
Watch your actions, they become your destiny."

This was a very impactful statement and it tells us that our destiny is determined by our own thoughts. So, if we can master our thoughts we can master our destiny.

Only a person who is determined to make his own destiny can understand the significance of ones own thoughts and the need to control it.
When we are in a troubled situation where we have little or no control over the situation then we have two options:
  • To blame the situation and suffer
  • To accept the situation and move forward
Truly, if you think you can, or you can't, then you are right. We have the power to choose our lives by choosing:
  • Our thoughts
  • Our behavior
  • Our attitude
We can choose positive thoughts by being logical in our way of thinking. Another important point to think the right thoughts is to observe ones thinking. If we can be aware of our thoughts, then by self talk we can decide to keep the positive ones and discard the negative ones.

Once we have worked on our thoughts, we can also work on our behavior by choosing to respond to situations responsibly by thinking through instead of just being reactive. Also it is really very impactful if we can incorporate some positive behavior as our way of living. Sometimes even small things like spreading a smile, saying “please” & “thank you”, paying compliments, focusing on the good things instead of bad etc. can have a big impact on people around us.

We can also make positive impact in other’s lives if we can keep an open mind, be open to criticism by seeing it as an opportunity to improve, cultivating a good sense of humor, keeping promises and being able to forgive people.

Someone has rightly said, “With a Bad attitude you can never have a positive day. With a Positive attitude, you can never have a bad day”

I think I cannot put this is any better manner, all I can say is that we choose our attitude. So it is upto us to decide what attitude we want to have in our lives.

In short, if we can have positive thinking, positive behavior and positive attitude, then we can have a positive life irrespective of the external circumstances and situation.

I wish we all choose positivity as a way of life. I am sure you will enjoy this edition of HRG Connect as it has lot of information for all of us.

Have a great year and a positive life!!

Shikha Kumar