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Welcome to the world of remote staffing, the new normal for software industry. You could be already working with remote extension of your teams or may be extending the team further for your project needs or considering working with external IT remote teams for the first time. Whatever the reason be, the answer lies in staff augmentation which any growing organization or startups can not refuse.

ISHIR makes building, managing, and retaining a remote team a whole lot easier and faster.

We can help you build a remote team of employees from anywhere in the world, on any timezone. With over 20 years of experience in providing these services, we are the experts in successfully sourcing and managing offshore/nearshore and onshore personnel to ensure that their skill-sets exceed your expectations.

Our remote IT staffing services provide skilled professionals to meet our clients' needs for critical projects. By using remote solutions, we are able to access a much wider pool of talent, ensuring the best possible results.

Our detailed and comprehensive recruitment process helps fill any skills gaps or remote talent needs you have.

Our remote talent team helps you access qualified, vetted professionals to fuel your engineering projects and help you succeed. With our specialized network of screened personnel, we can help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

With our services, you can have access to a range of both local and remote talent. Our curated list of potential individuals make it easy to find the right people for your project, while we help manage and retain them to ensure you have the best team possible.

We provide the most culturally-fit talent that is versed in a variety of tech stacks, software development languages, frameworks, technologies, experiences, IT and non-IT skills.

At ISHIR, we strive to find the perfect remote talent for our clients. We focus on finding individuals with the right attitude, experience and expertise to help them succeed in achieving their goals. We work hard to select the best fit for each job role and ensure that everyone that joins our team is a valuable asset.<

Our Hiring Process


Personality and culture fit

The first interview seeks to assess their character type and get to know the candidate a little better. The interview should be carried out in a conversational style, however it is currently done completely remotely over ZOOM. Usually it is done over a cup of coffee or tea in our offices. This stage is about spotting the right talent and getting to know their personality and culture fit.


Narrow down based on core values

Once we've collected some of the best talent, we run personality tests and assessments to see whether the potential candidates meet the core values and culture fit (or character fitment) for the organization and have the required maturity for the specified role.


Technical or non-technical skill assessment

We then narrow down by conducting technical tests, live screening to assess the problem solving ability, depth of experience, communication ability, creativity, and level of competency in that skill.


Top grading leadership candidates

We use Top Grading - an interview technique that gives a comprehensive picture of a candidate's professional background and personality. Top grading involves a more thorough screening where we dig deeper for a candidate's professional achievements, past successes, failures in each role of their career journey that led to their current skills, knowledge, and values. The top grading approach helps to uncover the true characteristics of the potential employee.


Continued pursuit of excellence

The first interview seeks to assess their character type and get to know the candidate a little better. The interview should be carried out in a conversational style, however it is currently done completely remotely over ZOOM. Usually it is done over a cup of coffee or tea in our offices. This stage is about spotting the right talent and getting to know their personality and culture fit.


Candidates accept and are onboarded

the next step is a grand finale of our process, whereby we offer the candidate an offer letter and a contract and they accept (excitedly!). The candidates who accept the offer and are successful are then onboarded into our organization remotely.

Our Engagement Models

Effort based pricing or Time & Material

In the Effort based pricing model, the project cost is a function of the total project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed. This engagement model is particularly useful in contexts where the projects are quite complex and are prone to specification and design changes midstream. This model gives customer greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification on an ongoing basis and modifying the specifications based on the changing market needs.

Dedicated Development Facility or Retainer

A Dedicated facility is an extension of the customer’s own engineering/development center. Through such Dedicated facilities, we offer the best skill sets, resources, flexibility and time-to-market advantages to the customers, taking all necessary efforts to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the customers. All rights to the IPR developed in the Development Facility vests with the customer. The Dedicated Facility also provides a cost effective solution to customers requiring continuous offshore support. For such dedicated relationships, we also implement customer specific quality/process frameworks and teams are trained for the specific needs of a Client. The resources are paid on a retainer basis.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

In the Build-Operate-Transfer Model, Borderlessmind launches a dedicated facility for the client. This facility is like an extension of the client’s own facility. The dedicated facility leverages Borderlessmind’s technical infrastructure, processes and execution capabilities. The dedicated facility is staffed either by existing Borderlessmind’s resources or by Client’s resources or by resources hired specifically for engagement or a mix of them all. Borderlessmind has a well-defined mechanism for the smooth transition of the facility to the client.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will you present your current developers, or are they going to be sourced and recruited For this project?

It could be either way. If your required skill set coincides with our bench talent or soon-to-be-released pool, we can send you profiles from our current talent pool. If not, we are happy to do on-demand short-term and long-term hiring on your behalf, and we will give you enough choices of pre-screened candidates to select from.

What does your vetting process look like? How can we be sure the proposed developers Are skilled-enough to execute the needed work?

We have a 3-tiered process for internal screening. First, the candidates must pass through 1 or 2 levels of coding challenges and technical panel rounds, along with a cultural fitment round, before passing them to you.

What's the average recruiting time for each position?

If we happen to have an on-bench talent for your req, then it could be within a day that you can meet the first candidate. We typically have a readily scanned pool of the most trending skillsets, so you strive to provide at least one candidate in 48-72 hours for your screening.

Are these dedicated developers or do they split their time between various projects? Are they employees or contractors?

If your ask is for a full-time resource for a specific period of time or a long time, then they will be 100% on your project with no split of time anywhere else. They will be hired by us to become our employees. However, there could sometimes be specific needs or unique skillset or location preferences, for which we have to hire contractors.

Do we get to interview them before assigning them to the project? Can you apply a Selected technical challenge of our own?

Of course, your decision will be the final one. You will screen them, assign them coding challenges, and can also ask for a second round in case you have some doubts uncleared in your mind about the candidate.

What guarantee do you offer on a developer replacement?

We take full responsibility for developers’ cultural fitment discipline however, there could be instances where if the developer is not able to perform due to his lack of experience or knowledge. We have zero tolerance for indiscipline and lack of integrity shown by our employees and we don’t wait for someone to tell us to replace them. However, in case of performance issues, we give a fair chance to the resource to show improvement and for this purpose, we encourage the reporting manager on the client side to highlight gaps in real-time, record their feedback, and give them time to improve. With that said, if no improvement is recorded despite adequate warnings/area of improvement notes we will work on a replacement.

In case your team is not able to find prospective candidates soon, how do you get help And support from third-party agencies?

While we have in-house teams and we are constantly hiring, we have a robust network of partner agencies and recruitment teams in more than seven countries.

Is there a minimum time engagement?

It should be one year for regular hires, especially offshore resources from our India center. For contractors on nearshore, there is no minimum but at least three months is expected.
It should be one year for regular hires, especially offshore resources from our India center. For contractors on nearshore, there is no minimum but at least three months is expected.

How do I manage my offshore staff or team member?

Your resource will become an extension of your team and should be treated as such. You will set their key performance areas and development goals. However, ISHIR will provide a dedicated account manager based in India who will address and handle any local support issues, working with our onsite HR manager to ensure your resources are well cared for and are working effectively in a positive environment.

What is the process for hiring a dedicated resource from ISHIR?

The of hiring a dedicated Resource is quite simple. You need to do is tell us what role, skill or process you would like to outsource and we look into our pool of Resources and find the right resource for your team. We will set up interviews. Once you find a Resource you are comfortable to work with, we will allocate them dedicated to you.

Is there a Project Manager to supervise the Resource?

Our clients like control and want to supervise and communicate with their Resources directly. We however, assign an Account Manager and an Outsource Coordinator to your account to help in bridge any gaps. The Outsource Coordinator acts as a point of escalation in case there is a need for them to intervene.

Is there an option of replacement in case of dissatisfaction with any Resource?

Yes, if the client is dissatisfied with the performance of a particular Resource, ISHIR ensures timely replacement. The replacement Resource can take up to 2-4 weeks in case someone is not available in the pool.

How long does it take to on-board a Resource?

ISHIR employee onboarding formalities take up to 2 business days. However, the onboarding process of the client may take a week or 10 business days.

Why are ISHIR rates so competitive?

ISHIR is committed to providing highly skilled and top quality talent to our clients at a nominal cost. Internally we price the resource based on Cost Plus model. We maintain high satisfaction level with our Resources by ensuring they get paid on time, get the best working environment and long term working relationship with our clients. This ensures long term commitment from our Resources and higher satisfaction levels for our Clients and Employees. We keep our costs competitive by reducing the risks associated with poor hiring, filtering Resources for culture, capability and character, being selective about the clients we work with, and minimizing risks of doing business due to delayed payments from clients.